Are Princess Castle Beds Safe for Young Children?

children’s triple bunk beds

If your little girl has been asking for a princess castle bed, we get you!

While all young girls want a princess or Disney-themed bed, parents often second-think this choice because of functionality issues. Most believe these children’s triple bunk beds are only good for looks and do not offer practicality or durability.

What if we told you that these beds are as good as standard beds—in fact, even better!

What are Princess Castle Beds?

Princess castle beds have all the qualities of other beds and look incredibly cute. They are designed in the shape of a castle with two tall shelves on each side that look like towers. Castle beds feature a single bed horizontally on top of a vertical double bed. These triple bunk beds with storage also have a staircase with humongous drawers; you can choose the side of the bed for the staircase, depending on your room dimensions.

Moreover, each side of the bed has a side table on the inside where children can keep their important items like books, water bottles, and other items.

Princess Castle Bed Dimensions

The top bunk is 90cm x 190cm, whereas the bottom bunk double bed is 140cm x 190cm. The dimensions of princess castle L-shaped triple bunk beds at MK Furnishing are:

  • 240cm width (without slide)
  • 170cm height
  • 240cm depth


The bed requires two mattresses: one for the top bed and one for the bottom double bed. The dimensions for each mattress are:

Single mattresses: 90cm x 190cm

Double mattress: 140cm x 190cm

While you can buy it from anywhere you like, MK Furnishings Ireland understands parents’ concerns and offers high-quality mattresses for children. Choose from a tight top and memory foam mattress for your children’s triple bunk beds. The mattresses are 7″ high, and dimensions fit the bed properly.

Customization Options

In addition to the standard bed structure, castle beds for girls come with numerous customization options to ensure they meet your kids’ aesthetic and comfort needs. You can choose from multiple options and add extra elements to the bed.


A slide elevates the experience significantly, making the princess-themed triple bunk bed with storage even more interesting and appealing to young girls. They can climb up the stairs and slide down in the morning when they wake up. However, the slide adds 40cm width to the bed’s dimensions.


The stairgate helps protect children sleeping on the top bunk from accidental falls, and the high rail on the side provides extra protection. You can select from different rail designs depending on your little’s girl’s choice.

Drawer Color

While the princess bed comes in white, you can customize the colour of the drawers to match the room’s theme. Choose from multiple options: blue, red, yellow, green, light pink, dark pink, purple, grey, dark grey, or white.

Vinyl Names

MK Furnishings offers customized vinyl names for princess-themed L-shaped triple bunk beds to inculcate a sense of ownership and responsibility among children. You can get up to 3 personalized names for each bed; get in touch with us for further customization.

Benefits of Princess Castle Beds

  • Princess beds add an aesthetic appeal to the room.
  • Princess castle beds help ease the transition to the child’s separate room by offering an attractive sleeping space.
  • The beds offer comfortable sleeping for multiple children without taking up a lot of space.
  • The long shelves on each side are perfect for storing books, toys, etc.
  • These triple bunk beds with storage have extra storage space on the stairs for toys, clothes, bedding, or anything else you want.
  • The LEDs in the towering shelves are perfect for children who like sleeping with lights on.
  • A specially designed bed encourages children to sleep independently, giving them the idea of being’ grown-ups.’

Safety Measures for Castle Beds

  • The top bunk is suitable for children over six only; younger children must sleep in the bottom bunk or a toddler bunk bed.
  • More than one kid must not sleep on a single bed.
  • Avoid keeping children’s triple bunk beds near a window, as it could be a hazard.
  • Ensure the railing is at least five inches above the top of the mattress to prevent falls.
  • The ceiling must be high enough for the towers on each side of the bed.

Payments & Financing for Castle Beds

Pay for the princess castle bed upfront, make a 10% deposit, or get it financed through MK Furnishing’s finance partners. Our partner finance companies like Klarna, Snap Finance, and Humm Ireland enable you to purchase your favourite beds without having to pay at once; choose a suitable payback option to buy the furniture you want.

Other Options for Young Children

Besides princess castle beds, you can also pick from other themed beds suitable for young children. Some of the popular options at MK Furnishings are:

Playground Beds

Playground beds are a favourite among boys and girls alike. They have a top bunk without a bottom bunk. The area under the top bunk is designed to look like a playhouse with a door and windows. Customize the stairs in colours of your choice to match your room’s aesthetics. Furthermore, vinyl cutouts add a personalized touch to the playhouse’s funky beds.

Villa Beds

The basic structure of the bed features a bunk on top with window cutouts along a door cutout below it. Boys usually find castle-style beds girlish, but the villa-style beds are popular among young boys. The storage space in the bed allows them to store things and play with their friends and siblings in their themed bed.

Toddler Beds

If you have kids under 6, toddler beds can be the best choice. They are not as tall as standard bunk beds or themed beds, making it easier for toddlers to climb into them. These sturdy beds ensure safety for young kids.

MK Furnishings offers white-glove delivery and assembly services throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

Contact us FREE on 0800 8611 437 for queries, information, and orders.

Happy shopping!

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