Comparing 3 Bed Bunk Beds: Which One is Right for Your Home?

triple sleeper bunk bed

If you have been considering getting a triple sleeper bunk bed for your kids, it’s undoubtedly one of the best choices. Triple bunk beds are perfect for families with three kids or if you host frequent sleepovers.

The best part is that triple beds in Ireland now come in multiple designs, so you can choose what suits you the most. You can select triple bunk beds with stairs, slides, or storage spaces, according to your preference and needs.

We’ve put together the different types of triple bunk beds so you can pick the most suitable one for your needs.

Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds

Triple-Decker Bunk Beds

Bunk beds with three beds on top of each other, also known as triple-decker bunk beds, are the most common and probably the oldest triple bunk bed design. They typically feature three twin beds on top of each other, providing sleeping space for three people while taking the floor space for one twin bed only. Though you can get triple beds in double-bed variants as well, usually triple-decker beds have a single or twin bed.

When Should You Choose Triple Decker Bunk Beds?

Now, the important question is when to prefer triple-decker bunk beds in Ireland among all three sleeper options. These beds are ideal for families with three children when there is space for only one single bed. In such situations, three beds on each other are the best pick to maximize space utilization. However, remember that these beds must not be placed in rooms with low ceilings, as it can be hazardous.

Corner Trio Bunk Bed

Besides the three-decker bunk bed, the corner trio bunk bed at MK Furnishings is another popular choice among parents with young kids. The bed takes a corner in the room without requiring humongous space to keep it. This bunk bed set features two beds in an L-shape in the bottom bunk with another bed on top of them. The compact shape of this triple bunk bed with stairs makes it perfect for small rooms. The bed also has huge drawers in the staircase and under the bottom bunks.

When Should You Choose Corner Trio Bunk Beds?

Corner trio bunk beds are ideal for small rooms when you do not have a high ceiling or enough space for a double bed. While they take more space than triple-decker beds, they release the worry of placing a tall bed in the room. Instead, they have two levels, and the secure railing makes them perfect for young kids as well. However, you must remember that the top bunk is unsuitable for children under six.

Double-decker Triple Bed

The double-decker triple bed is another aesthetic and functional triple sleeper bunk bed option at MK Furnishings. This bed has two single beds aligned vertically under a horizontally placed bed. This design is perfect for families with growing children who want their individual sleeping space. This two-tier bed takes almost the same room as a double bed but makes a perfect sleeping arrangement for three kids in one room. The bed also has drawers in the bottom bunk beside those within the stairs. Moreover, you can get shelves added to the back and sides of the bed or attach a slide.

When Should You Choose Double Decker Triple Beds?

As these beds do not have three levels, they are best suited to rooms with low ceilings where tall beds can be a hazard. Furthermore, this type of triple bed comes with extensive storage options, including drawers and shelves for books, toys, bedding, etc.

Single and Double Bed

Single and double beds combine a twin and queen-sized bed to make space for three children. The design features a single bed on top of a double bed. It brings you all the goodness of other triple sleeper bunk bed options, but there’s a downside. Compared to other triple beds in Ireland, these beds do not offer individual sleeping space for all kids, as the bottom bed is a shared space. Thus, these beds suit families living in one-room apartments with one kid. Children over six can sleep in the top bunk while the parents share the double bed. Alternatively, it also works well for siblings and families with frequent get-togethers.

When Should You Choose Single and Double Bed?

Single and double beds do not require high ceilings and take the space of a double bed only, making them best suited to families living in a single-room apartment. However, this bed may not be the best pick when buying for children who do not want to share their bed.

Princess Themed Triple Bed

Themed beds are a star-seller at MK Furnishings, and the princess-themed bed easily tops other designs. A triple bunk bed with stairs and a slide featuring two tall shelves make it look like a castle – what else do they need!

The princess castle-themed bed is a favorite among young girls who want to live like a princess. It has a single bed in the top bunk and a double bed in the bottom bunk, making it suitable for three people. You can also add a slide to the bed, but that adds to the width of the furniture. So, you might want to consider the dimensions of the room when getting a princess-themed bed for your girls.

When Should You Choose a Princess Themed Triple Bed?

Princess-themed triple sleeper bunk beds in Ireland are ideal for young girls who love princesses. Many parents with two or three daughters buy the princess-themed bed for their daughters to surprise them. But remember that the shelves on each side of the bed are quite tall, so your room must be high enough.

How to Improve Safety in Triple Beds?

  • Add safety railings to each side of the bed on top and middle bunk.
  • Attach a stairgate to prevent your kids from getting out of bed by themselves.
  • Make sure that the mattress fits the furniture structure properly to avoid hazards.
  • Opt for companies that use non-toxic paints with a low VOC.
  • Add motion-sensor LED lights to the ladder for night-time use.
  • Do not place the bed near a window, sockets, or electrical appliances like fans.
  • Avoid hanging anything on the bed, especially near the staircase.

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