Corner Bunk Beds with Storage: The Ultimate Space-Saver for Ireland Homes

Corner bunk beds

Corner bunk beds are among the best options for rooms with limited space. You can place them in one corner of the room without worrying about the room to keep the bed. They are ideal for large families looking to maximize space while providing comfortable sleeping solutions for everyone.

Besides the shape of the bed, the additional storage space makes it perfect for maximizing the space without cluttering the room. Beds with storage eliminate the need for massive wardrobes and cabinets, which might make it look congested.

But before we share attractive designs with space-saving characteristics, here’s a quick look into the types of corner bunk beds.

Types of Corner Bunk Beds UK

L-shaped Loft Corner Bunk Beds

If you want to place a table or wardrobe in your room but the lack of space makes it difficult, loft beds are your top picks. Loft bunk beds are among the most popular corner bunk beds UK and Ireland to make the best out of the available space.

L-shaped beds feature two beds on the top bunks at a right angle to each other with space underneath. You can utilize this space to place a study table, gaming console, cabinets, or anything else you wish.

Quad Bunk Beds

Quad bunk beds or 4-sleeper beds typically come in two variants: adjacent beds and L-shaped quad beds. L-shaped quad bunk beds provide sleeping space for four children or adults in a small room. These beds share one staircase to save space and make it easy for kids to climb to the top bunks.

Corner Triple Bunk Bed

While most corner bunk beds are L-shaped, not all have the same design. You can also get smaller-sized triple beds to place in a corner of the room while maintaining the aesthetics. The corner triple bunk bed typically has the same design as a standard bunk bed but is usually compact to save space in tiny rooms.

Corner Bunk Beds with Storage

While all these corner bunk beds are popular among our customers, the bed’s basic layout is not enough. When purchasing furniture for small spaces, buyers often ask, “How can we maximize space with this bed?”

Corner bunk beds at MK furnishings come with in-built storage spaces that allow you to keep basic things like clothes, toys, and books safe. Alternatively, you can add additional drawers and wardrobes to increase storage area.

Some of the best corner bunk beds UK designs are:

Bunk Beds with Storage under the Bottom Bunk

We understand the need for additional space when buying bunk beds and cater to our customer’s needs through innovative designs. Our corner bunk beds in the UK and Ireland have large storage drawers underneath the bottom bunk to store clothing, bedding, toys, etc. You can also utilize the space to store anything else you want. These drawers improve the overall storage area in the room without impacting the aesthetic appeal.

Bunk Beds with Staircase

Our bunk beds have spacious staircases to improve the overall storage situation in the room. Now, you might wonder, “All bunk beds come with a staircase anyway!”

However, not all bunk beds have a staircase, and some have a ladder instead. Though the ladder is sleek, it is usually not the best choice for young children. You might also not want to go for a ladder if you want extra storage in the bed.

Corner bunk beds with staircases have drawers in the staircase that provide space for toys, books, and other items. The staircase is quite sturdy, making storing things convenient without worrying about damage. These drawers eliminate the need for additional cabinets or a wardrobe.

Corner Bunks with Wardrobe

If you have a lot of stuff to store and the drawers on the staircase or under the bed are not enough, loft beds with a wardrobe are your best pick.

These loft or high-sleeper beds have two beds in an L-shape, perfect for placing in a corner. But what’s even better is that they have a wardrobe under the beds. You can opt for a full wardrobe or divide the space between a wardrobe and drawers – the choice is entirely yours!

Corner Bunk Beds with Shelves

Apart from cabinets and wardrobes, you can add shelves to your loft bunk bed to store or display items like souvenirs and awards. Attach shelves to either side of the bed under the top bunk or utilize some part for wardrobes and cabinets, leaving the rest for shelves. While shelves do not increase the storage area tremendously, they are quite popular among parents buying corner bunk beds for their kids.

Bunk Beds with Side Table

When buying a double L-shaped bunk bed with one bed horizontally placed on another bunk bed, you can get drawers, shelves, or side tables within the bed frame. These are best for putting a night lamp or keeping your kids’ favorite books easily accessible. You can also use this space to display your kids’ awards and certificates.


Corner bunk beds are a popular choice for kids among parents in the UK and Ireland. Whether you buy loft corner beds, corner triple bunk beds, or quad beds, they are perfect for small rooms with less space. Some corner bunk beds have four beds to offer comfortable sleeping to more people, while others have wardrobes and cabinets under the top bunks to maximize storage. You can also buy high-sleeper corner bunks to utilize the bottom space per need. Get those with in-built storage space in the staircase or bottom bunk, or get your bed designed to your preferences and requirements.

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