Cots Vs. Bunk Beds: What Is Better For Young Children?

triple bunk beds for kids

Many parents prefer keeping their children in cots in the early years of their life. Baby cots are indeed an efficient and simple approach to keeping kids safe. However, they take up a lot of space in the room.

Most high-quality cots are quite pricey. Thus, some parents also keep their toddlers in cots until they are 4 to 5 years old to avoid wasting money. But is this the right approach?

Cots may be the best for young kids, but they restrict the movement of growing kids by keeping them confined to one place. This doesn’t mean that you should not buy a cot at all.

Don’t worry; we don’t mean to confuse you. This article explains when a triple bunk bed for kids in Ireland is better than a cot and vice versa. Let’s dive into the details!

When Should You Buy Cots for Kids?

Young Children: Cots are best for children from birth until age two. They allow parents to sleep comfortably while their child sleeps in their cot. They prevent accidents because of the sturdy rails, ensuring the safety of infants.

Ample Space: Cots can be the best pick for families with multiple children when they have enough space. You can buy as many cots to place in one or more rooms according to need instead of opting for toddler bed bunk beds.

Instilling Sleep Habits Early: Many parents prefer co-sleeping, which makes it difficult for children to transition to a bed later. Thus, some parents opt for cots since the beginning to encourage kids to sleep independently.

Benefits of Cots

Safety: Cots help keep your children safe because of the high railing and the inability of kids to crawl out on their own. They also lessen the risk of falls that might occur when sleeping on the bed.

Prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Children sleeping with their parents are at risk of being suffocated. Placing them in a cot helps avoid this danger and promotes healthy sleeping habits.

Parents can Sleep Comfortably: New parents are often worried about their child’s safety when co-sleeping; using a cot takes away the worry and you can enjoy a sound slumber while your child sleeps.

When Should You Buy Bunk Beds for Kids?

Growing Kids: While cots are amazing for early years, they can be hazardous as the child learns to walk and climb. After two years, you must replace a cot with triple bunk beds for kids or toddler bed bunk beds.

Multiple Siblings of Similar Age: If you have multiple kids under six, a toddler bunk bed can be the best pick. These beds are smaller than standard bunk beds and provide sleeping space for at least two kids at a time. You can even get a standard double, triple, or quad bunk bed for kids above six.

Space Constraints: Bunk beds for a small room are perfect for smaller homes as they accommodate multiple children in the space of one bed. Toddler bed bunk beds in Ireland take quite less space, whereas standard and triple bunk beds come in the area for one single bed.

Benefits of Bunk Beds

Ideal for Sleepovers: Double, triple, or quad bunk beds are perfect for families that host frequent sleepovers. Moreover, trundle bunk beds are also suitable if you want to keep a separate mattress for guests.

Cost-efficient: Bunk beds are more cost-efficient than buying separate beds for each kid. You can also separate them when you do not need a shared sleeping space for kids.

They are Fun: Children love attractive pieces of furniture, and bunk beds, including themed bunk beds, are a favourite. Most of these bunk beds for kids come with a slide, which elevates the overall experience.

Best of Both Worlds: A Cot Bunk Bed

If you are still unsure whether to buy a cot or a toddler bunk bed, why not get a cot bunk bed?

A cot bunk bed comprises a bunk bed structure with two beds on top of each other. However, these beds have high rails that give them the look of a cot.

Usually, the lower bunk is a cot, and the upper bed is a bunk bed. Thus, the lower bed is best for children of up to three years of age, and children sleeping in the top bunk must be older than six years. While you can use the cot in the lower bunk for kids up to six years, getting a toddler bed bunk bed in that situation is better.

The cot bed underneath is a perfect choice for young kids as they cannot get out without the help of an adult.

Cot Bunk Bed Specifications

Dimensions: The dimensions of a bunk bed on top (and the cot at the bottom) are those of a single bed, i.e., 90*190cm.

Distance between bunks: Both bunks are at a suitable distance to ensure the safety and comfort of both kids sleeping in the bed. The distance between both bunks is typically between 40cm and 50cm.

Guardrail height: The height of the top guardrail is 25cm to keep your child safe even if they move during sleep. At the same time, the bottom guardrail is 54cm to ensure the child cannot move out of the cot on their own.

Separable: These bunk beds can be separated into two beds if you want to place them individually. Use the cot as it is or convert it into another bed for growing kids.

Cot Vs. Bunk Bed: Which is the Best?

Cots and bunk beds in Ireland are useful for different needs and must be used accordingly. For example, cots are ideal for young children but potentially harmful for toddlers. At the same time, toddler bed bunk beds are suitable for children above 2; they also help you maximize space by offering sleeping space for two or more kids in the area required for one bed. You can also get triple bunk beds for kids depending on your needs. Additionally, cot bunk beds are another popular choice among parents with children of varying ages; choose what suits your needs the best.

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