Wooden Triple Bunk Bed

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Product Description

Wooden Triple Bunk Bed

Accommodating three children in one room can be daunting if you do not have enough space. Triple bunks are a genius solution to this problem. A triple bed is best if you’re looking for a solution to get beds for three kids without taking up too much space. These beds take the same space as a single bed (or slightly more, depending on the design) to ensure you use your available area best. These beds cater to three children in one room. Don’t worry; the beds are not too high. Additionally, the wooden construction ensures durability!

Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed Designs

Our wooden triple bunk beds come in a functional and visually appealing design that provides individual sleeping space for three kids without congesting the room. The 3 bed bunk bedsdesign features two single beds under one bed of 90cm x 190cm. Furthermore, both single beds on the bottom come with two long drawers, offering ample space to store toys, books, and other things.


• 230cm width
• 165cm height
• 200cm depth
• The slide will add a 40cm width

Trio Bunk Beds Colors & Accessories

Our wooden triple bunk bed typically comes in white, but you can customize it in any colour. MK Furnishings offers blue, red, grey, dark grey, purple, light pink, dark pink, yellow, green, and mixed colours.

When buying our 3 bed bunk beds, you can choose oval rail, Xxrail, hearts, and butterflies. Moreover, children love their names on things, and you can make the triple sleeper bunk more attractive with vinyl name cutouts. We offer up to three name customizations for each triple bunk bed in the UK and Ireland.

Wooden Triple Bunk Bed Durability

The triple bunk bed with stairs has stairs between the bottom beds to climb to the top. The stairs feature on either side to provide added safety to children. The best part is that the staircase also has storage space where children can keep their belongings. The functionality combined with the aesthetic design makes our triple bunk bed for sale a top-selling furniture choice.

3 Bed Bunk Beds with Mattresses

Our triple sleeper bunks with mattresses are made of wood, ensuring durability and reducing the chances of breaking compared to low-quality materials. You can also get a stair gate, slide, and a bookshelf attached to the wooden triple bunk bed.

Additionally, MK Furnishings offers multiple mattress choices, from hybrid tight-top mattresses to memory foam mattresses in three different heights.

Our wooden triple bunk beds are perfect for space-saving and longevity and offer added storage. Also, the railings and sturdy material ensure safety whether you opt for a triple bunk bed with stairs or a slide.

Why Purchase Wooden Triple Bunks for Kids?

• Triple bunk beds are perfect for three children, while standard bunk beds cater to two children.
• Triplet beds allow you to place three beds in a small room compared to three separate single beds.
• Triple bunk beds are cost-effective compared to buying threeseparate beds for children.
• The beds allow you to encourage kids to sleep in their own beds. Kids love climbing up and down the stairs, making triplebeds a suitable choice for four kids sharing one room.
• They are also suitable for families hosting sleepovers frequently, enabling you accommodate more kids within the limited space.
• Wooden beds offer high durability compared to other materials and last a long time.

Safety Consideration for Children

• Wooden triple bunk beds are suitable for children aged six and above; toddler bunk beds are recommended for younger kids.
• More than one kid must not sleep on a single bed in bunk beds with a staircase or slide.
• Ensure the bed is at an adequate distance from the ceiling so the children on the top bunk can easily get in and out of the bed.
• Avoid keeping the bed near a window, as it could be a potential hazard.
• Ensure the railing is at least five inches above the top of the mattress to prevent falls.
• Choose the most sturdy and durable material for safety.

Maximize your room space with the right wooden trio bunk beds for your kids!

Why MK Furnishings?

Why is MK Furnishings the right choice for your bedroom furniture, among other options? Here’s what our customers say they love about us:

• Affordable prices
• Comfortable mattresses
• Durable furniture
• Customization options
• Wide pre-made furniture variety
• Seamless delivery
• Fitting by experienced professionals

Payments and Financing for Wooden Triple Beds

When purchasing our trio bunk beds, you do not have to pay the full amount upfront. You can pay a 10% (non-refundable) upfront deposit and the rest on delivery.

Additionally, we have partnered with  Humm Ireland to help you finance your purchase when you do not want to pay the whole amount upfront. They offer you different plans to purchase the furniture of your choice and pay back the amount later. Choose from multiple financing options depending on your needs and preference.

MK Furnishings offers white-glove delivery with assembly services throughout Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

Contact us FREE on 0800 8611 437 for queries, information, and orders.

Happy shopping!

The top bunk is 35cm longer than a standard single mattress to allow room for the stairs on the bed. The space at the end of the mattress has a small shelf for storage. Some previous customers have used this space to store blankets, teddies, toys etc.

There is additional space behind the stairs, between the two lower beds. Again, this is space that can be used for storage. Some previous customers have used this space for storage boxes, night lights etc.

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