Which Bunk Bed is the Best for My Child?

triple bunk bed

Buying a bunk bed is simple: pick your favourite, make payment, and you’ll have it delivered to your doorstep. Sounds great, right?

While purchasing a double or triple bunk bed for your child from MK Furnishings is effortless, choosing the right one is often a challenge for parents. To avoid confusion on seeing so many varieties, it’s best to consider your needs and shortlist a few options.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you select the best bunk beds for small rooms based on your child’s age and other requirements.

Bunk Beds for Different Age Groups

Considering your child’s age is critical to their safety and comfort when buying a bunk bed. You might get a big bed for young children, which might not be their current need. At the same time, selecting a small bed for a teenage child would be wrong.

The two basic types of bunk beds for different age groups are:

Double or Triple Standard Bunk Beds

Standard bunk beds have two or three beds on top of each other to accommodate more than one child in a room. They are usually made of wood, but metal variants are also available. Bunk beds are the best choice for small children as they provide comfortable sleeping solutions for multiple kids without taking up much space.

Toddler Bunk Beds

While bunk beds are an excellent option, there’s one problem: the top bunk is not suitable for children under six. So, if you have young children, it is better to get toddler bunk beds that are shorter than standard bunk beds. Their height makes it easy for kids to climb independently and ensures safety.

Bunk Beds According to Number of Children

Besides picking the type of bed suitable for your kids’ age, it’s also important to consider the number of kids sleeping in one room and choose the best one for your needs.

Standard Two-tier Bunk Bed

The standard two-tier bunk beds have two bunks: lower and upper. Both bunks have enough space for one person to sit or lie down comfortably. Moreover, the beds have a staircase and sturdy railings for added protection.

Triple Bunk Beds

Triple bunk beds have three bunks instead of two, making them best bunk beds for small rooms for three kids. Parents with two kids also sometimes buy triple beds if they host frequent sleepovers. But remember that triple-tier beds are only a preferred choice if you have a room high enough. Alternatively, get two-tier triple beds for rooms with low ceilings.

Quad Bunk Beds

As the name indicates, quad bunk beds have quadruple (four) beds for teenagers and young adults. You can choose from adjacent or L-shaped bunk beds, with two beds at a right angle to the other two. All four beds have a shared staircase to avoid taking up a lot of extra space.

Double Bunk Bed

Besides standard, triple, and quad bunk beds with single beds, you can buy the double bunk bed. These bunk beds have a double bed on the top and bottom bunk. They are best for families sleeping in one room. Children (two at max) can share one bunk, and the parents can sleep in the other. However, they are not the best bunk beds for small rooms.

Trundle Bunk Beds

Trundle bunk beds in Ireland are another favourite because of their space efficiency. These beds usually have two bunks with an extra mattress under the bottom bunk. You can take the mattress out when a guest needs extra sleeping space. They’re also suitable for rooms shared by three kids but do not have a high ceiling for a triple bunk bed.

Bunk Beds with Slide

If you ask us about the most popular bed among kids (other than themed beds), it’s undoubtedly the bunk bed with a slide. Bunk beds with slides have the staircase on one side and the slide on the other. Kids can climb up the bed through the stairs and come sliding down. But telling the kids that they must not climb up the slide to avoid accidents is vital.

Themed Beds

When discussing beds for children, themed beds are a must-mention; they’re incredibly popular among young children. The most in-demand themed beds at MK Furnishings are:

Playground Bunk Beds

Playground bunk beds are the child-version of loft beds with space under the high sleeper bed. The area under the top bunk is designed to look like a house with windows and doors where children can play in their leisure time. These beds come in different themes; pick your child’s favourite colour!

Playground beds have a high railing to avoid hazards. You can also add a stairgate for added protection. However, experts suggest children under 6 not sleep on the upper bunk, even in a playground-themed bunk bed.

Villa Bunk Beds

Besides playground-themed beds, villa bunk beds are another favourite unisex option suited to boys and girls. They’re smaller than standard bunk beds and come with a ladder to climb to the top bunk, making them ideal for best bunk beds for small rooms. Moreover, villa bunk beds have drawers to keep books, toys, or anything else you want.

Princess Castle Bunk Beds

Princess-themed castle beds in Ireland and UK come with a single bed on top of a double bed. Thus, these L-shaped bunk beds are excellent for three girls sharing one room. The bed features two towering shelves on each side with LEDs to give the bed a fairytale feel. Moreover, you’ll find side tables on both sides where kids can keep their favourite toys, books, or anything else they want.

Bunk beds are the best option if you’re looking to accommodate multiple kids in one room. Choose your favourite from the list according to your needs and preferences.

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triple bunk bed

Which Bunk Bed is the Best for My Child?

Buying a bunk bed is simple: pick your favourite, make payment, and you’ll have it delivered to your doorstep. Sounds great, right? While purchasing a

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