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Girls love princess treatment, and princesses live in castles!

So, if you have a daughter who is the princess of your home, the castle bunk bed is the best choice for the little girl. The beautifully designed beds that look just like castles make childhood even better. We offer more than one choice of princess castle bunk bed to cater to different styles and needs. You can also get the beds customized according to your kids’ room’s aesthetics.

Princess Castle Beds

MK Furnishings’s castle theme bed features a single bed of 90cm x 190cm on the top bunk and a double bed of 140cm x 190cm on the lower bunk. These beds are best if two or more kids live in the same room. The bed takes almost the same space as a double bed (with slightly extra space on both sides for slides and stairs).

Princess castle beds come with two tower shelving units with LED lights to give a castle-like look. The princess castle bed with slides and stairs also has two bedside tables with LED touch lights in the castle twin bed. It gives a royal feel to the bed, and your girls would rush to their beds at bedtime to enjoy princess time in their castle.

The dimensions of the single double castle bed for girls are:

  • 280 cm width
  • 170cm height
  • 240cm depth

Castle Bunk Bed with Stairs

Our twin castle bed has a single bed on top and a double bed on the bottom bunk. These beds have two tall shelves acting as the castle towers and a staircase on one side. You can decide where you want to attach the stairs.

The princess castle bunk bed stairs have storage where you can keep books, toys, and other things. Moreover, you can also get it customized and add accessories like a slide and a stair gate. The slide and stairs have safety railings to ensure your kids’ safety when climbing up and down the bunk bed.

The drawers in the bed come in white, but you can get a red, blue, grey, dark grey, purple, yellow, green, or pink castle bed. Similarly, we also offer vinyl cutouts to add a personalized touch to the castle bunk bed.

As castle bunk beds have double and single beds, you need two mattresses of different sizes to cater to their needs. You can get the mattresses at MK Furnishings, so you do not have to visit another store for a suitable mattress. We offer memory foam and tight-top hybrid mattresses in different sizes and widths to suit your needs.

Castle Slide Bed

If you wonder what’s better than a castle bed for your princess, it’s a castle bed with a slide!

These beds come with a princess bed slide, so you do not have to get it attached. The bunk bed has a single bed on top and a double bed on the bottom bunk. It also features towering shelves like the standard castle-themed bed with stairs.

However, the slide adds depth to the castle bed and is suitable if you have enough space in the room. Plus, the room must be high enough as the shelves on the side are tall.

Princess Loft Bed

Though our castle bunk beds feature a double bed on the bottom bed, you can get a princess castle loft bed on demand. These beds do not have a bottom bunk. Instead, the space is utilized for a desk or table. Some parents also choose to set up a play area for their kids under the single princess castle bed.

The castle loft bed with slide offers the same features as the princess bed slide without the lower bunk. You can get the drawers in your chosen colours, customize cutouts, and add accessories like the stair gate to the castle loft bed.

Why Castle Beds are the Right Choice?

While children love how their beds look and feel, parents are more concerned about safety and practicality, and we understand that. Besides offering a royal feel to your kids, the castle beds are also functional. They come with shelves, bedside tables, LEDs, and L-shaped beds.

  • The beds feature one single bed and one double bed, providing enough space for three children.
  • The shelves on each side offer additional storage space to keep books, toys, and other things.
  • LEDs in the shelves and bedside tables are best for children who do not like sleeping in completely dark rooms; they offer enough light to cut through the darkness.
  • You can customize the beds according to your children’s choice and room’s overall decor.

Let’s give your little princesses a royal sleeping experience with these castle bunk beds!

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