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If you’re looking for a comfortable bunk bed but the standard size seems small, double bunk beds are the right choice. They offer double goodness by combining the space-saving features of bunk beds with the comfort of double beds. And don’t worry; they’re totally safe!

MK Furnishings’ double over double bunk beds feature one double bed over the other. It allows you to have two double beds in the space of one. It is well-suited for multiple children when they don’t want quad bunk beds. At the same time, they also suit the needs of growing children who do not find single beds comfortable. Adults can also use these double bunk beds when saving space in the room, but make sure not to overburden the beds.

Bunk Beds Double Bottom Size

Our double bunk beds have standard-sized beds of 140cm x 190cm. You can also get mattresses of the same sizes; choose from hybrid tight top mattresses and memory foam mattresses in 1×7″ or 2×7″. The bunk bed double bottom has four drawers on the stairs and three under the bottom bunk for extra storage space. These drawers are best for storing clothes, sheets, books, jackets, etc. Furthermore, you can get the drawer colours customized to match the look of your room if you don’t want it all white.


  • 240cm width
  • 175cm height
  • 140cm depth
  • The slide will add a 40cm width

Bunk Bed Double on Bottom Durability

Double bunk beds are not only functional but also offer comfort and durability. When choosing bunk beds made from high-quality wood, you do not have to worry about the longevity of these bunk beds. Moreover, the safety features make them perfect for children as well.

If your kids want to share beds, you can get double bunk beds instead of quad bunk beds. They take up less space compared to quad bunk beds and are suitable if you do not have a wide wall. Instead, you can place these bunk beds in the same area as a double bed.

Bunk Bed Double Bottom Customization

Like other bunk bed options, you can get double-top bunk beds customized to your style, colour, and material. Though we suggest wood for its strength and durability, we are always happy to consider our customers’ choice. Moreover, you can choose the standard white colour or get the drawers painted in your preferred shade to match the room’s decor.

MK Furnishings also offers accessories like a stairgate, safety rail, slide, and a long shelf for the double bunk beds. Choose from oval or spindle rail or opt for Xx rail, butterflies, hearts, stars, and moon cutouts, depending on your child’s choice. Add up to three vinyl names to each piece to make it more attractive for kids.

The bunk bed double on the bottom is super-easy to assemble, but we can do it for you at delivery if you prefer. Just let us know, and we’ll ensure the bed is properly fitted so you do not have to worry about any issues later. Our professional fitters offer fitting services at your home on delivery for a seamless experience.

Double Bunk Beds Vs. Quad Beds

Double bunk and quad beds are popular among parents with three or more kids living in one room. But what’s the difference?

Let’s help you decide if you should get a double bunk bed or a quad bunk bed for your kids:

  • Double bunk beds have two beds, whereas quad bunk beds have four beds.
  • The beds on double bunk beds are double-sized, whereas quad bunk beds have four standard-sized single beds.
  • Double bunk beds are suitable for children as well as adults. However, the single bed size may not be comfortable for adults.
  • Quad bunk beds require a wide wall or two walls for an L-shaped placement. On the other hand, double bunk beds do not require the same width; they can be accommodated in a smaller space.
  • Every child gets an independent bed when you buy quad beds for four kids, but two kids have to share a bed when you get a double bed for four children.


We offer easy payment plans so all parents can get comfy beds for their children. You can pay for the bunk beds double bottom upfront or a deposit to get the order running. The 10% deposit is non-refundable; you can pay the rest on delivery.

Moreover, you can choose from multiple financing options and pick the one that suits you the best. Financing options like Klarna, Snap Finance, and Humm Ireland provide you with loans to purchase the bed of your choice without upfront payment. You can select which payback plans are the most adequate and buy your favourite beds right away.

Get in touch with MK Furnishings today to visit or order your double bunk bed today; customize it according to your choice to ensure comfort, functionality, and style – all in one place!

MK Furnishings offers white-glove delivery with assembly services throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

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