Amazing L shaped bunk beds for kids

If you’re looking for beds for children of different ages, L-shaped bunk beds are ideal. They feature two beds on each other that may not be the same size. The unique design of L-shaped double bunks makes them the perfect pick. They are best for rooms where you do not have enough space to keep one single and double bed. These beds combine them depending on your need to ensure maximum space utilisation.

What are L-shaped Beds?

L-shaped kids’ beds have two beds like standard bunk beds, but the bottom bunk is at a right angle to the top bunk. The top bunk typically goes horizontal to the wall, and the lower bed is vertical. It is best for areas with enough vertical space for one bed. The lower bed may be at one end of the lower bunk or in the middle, according to your preference and space.

This specific design allows you to have a bunk bed for children of different ages and stature that may not fit the same bed size. Customise the side of top and bottom L-shaped beds according to your needs and space.

L Shaped Bunks With Stairs

Bunk beds with stairs are the most common choice among consumers, and many parents prefer L-shaped bunks with stairs. It allows a secure way for children to climb up and down the bunk beds, while utilising the available space to the fullest. The safety railing provides additional security and prevents falls. L-shaped bunk beds with stairs also come with drawers in the staircase steps to provide additional storage. Furthermore, you can get the stairs customised in colours of your choice to match the room’s aesthetics.

L Shaped Bunk Bed With Slide

Besides bunk beds with stairs, L-shaped bunk beds with slides are perfect for young kids, especially when surprising them. These beds have a slide in place of a staircase, making climbing up and down fun. It adds to the excitement of sleeping in their bed and sliding down in the morning. These beds are popular among young children but more suitable for kids above 6 to ensure safety. Each slide also comes with a guard railing. You can select the design of the railing, choose from different cutout options, or get vinyl names for your kids.

L Shaped Bunk Beds With Drawers

Like standard bunk beds, L-shaped bunk beds with drawers also have storage space to keep books, toys, and other things safe, as mentioned earlier. They usually have enough storage to keep the essentials. You may get extra drawers and wardrobe space in the bed if it fits the room.

L Shaped Bunk Beds With Desk

Depending on your style, L-shaped double bunks also double as loft beds with a desk or play area under the beds. L-shaped bunk beds with desks have one vertical bed attached to a horizontal bed on the top without a bottom bunk. The bottom bunk area is extra space for a study table, desk, or any other utilisation you prefer. These beds often also feature storage spaces along with the desk.

L Shaped Double Bunks

If you’re a family of six looking for aesthetic double bunk beds, we’ve found the perfect solution for you. L-shaped double bunks come with a double bed on top and one on the bottom in an L-shaped arrangement. Choose from our available options or get them customised according to your needs. They are suitable for adults when made from an adequate material that can take the weight. Alternatively, most parents prefer them when avoiding quad bunk beds because of space issues.

Why are L-shaped bunk beds the Best Choice?

L-shaped beds offer individual sleeping space to children, especially when they differ in height, as one bed suitable for one might be too big for the other. Moreover, the ones with a double bed in the bottom bunk may also be suitable for three children sharing the same room. While you can get a triple bed as well, they offer a different sleeping arrangement and are better for families with two young kids who can share the bottom bunk.

Here’s why parents opt for L-shaped bunk beds for their children:

  • L-shaped bunk beds are aesthetic
  • L-shaped bunk beds with drawers offer additional storage space
  • L-shaped bunk bed with slide makes sleep time fun for kids
  • L-shaped double bunks are suitable for families with four kids

L-Shape Bunk Beds Payment

MK Furnishings believes in making comfortable sleeping accessible to everyone. So, we offer convenient payment methods with a 10% deposit followed by the rest on delivery. However, if you want to urgently buy a bed without enough cash in hand, you can get your favourite beds financed through Klarna, Snap Finance, or Humm Ireland. They offer different financing options that you can choose according to your convenience.

Let’s improve your children’s sleeping experience with comfortable and durable beds!

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