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Welcome to the World of Big Comfort with MK Furnishings!

Delivery & Assemble All Across Ireland
Our designs are aesthetically pleasing and suited to children’s choices. It ensures that kids also love the beds’ style besides the functionality they offer.
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High on Safety; Easy on the Pocket
MK Furnishings creates designs using state-of-the-art technology that ensures your child's safety. Also, our massive variety offers cheap bunk beds for kids for everyone.
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Bringing Our Products to Your Doorstep across Ireland
Besides delivering at your doorstep throughout Ireland, our fitters professionally assemble beds at your home.
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MK Furnishings Welcomes to the Haven of Bedtime Coziness for your Little Ones!

Stairs Front Bunk Bed for Kids

Bunk beds are the perfect choice for households with two kids. They are functional, save space, and the best part is that kids love them!

The beds come with built-in shelves and drawers that provide storage space and look aesthetic and trendy.

Bunk beds with stairs front have built-in stairs with handrails for added safety, making it easy for children to climb up and down safely. MK Furnishings offers a wide variety of bunk beds for children, so you can choose the one that suits your style preference and space.

There’s nothing better than extra space, and the added storage underneath the stairs is perfect for storing toys, clothes, or anything else you like.

Bunk Beds with Slide

Bunk beds with slides offer the same comfort, storage, and space-saving functionality like bunk beds with stairs, but they’re more exciting and interesting. Instead of stairs, these bunk beds for kids come with a slide so children can climb up and down the beds in a fun way.

However, MK Furnishings ensures safety and sturdiness by adding handrails and using high-quality materials suitable for kids’ furniture.

Like bunk beds with stairs, our slide bunk beds also have extra storage space. Furthermore, the built-in drawers and shelves are best for keeping books and toys.

Also, these bunk beds are incredibly easy to assemble, and we can build them quickly for you on delivery.

Quad Bunk Beds

Quad bunk beds refer to bunk beds with four beds. These are best for families with multiple children or frequent sleepovers.

They are among the best space-saving beds for small rooms in the UK and Ireland instead of four separate beds. Our quad bunk beds at MK Furnishings feature sturdy ladders and guardrails for added security.

Quad bunk beds for kids help save space and make it fun for children to share their bedroom. You can choose from multiple cheapest bunk bed designs and finishes according to your style and the children’s room décor.

Loft Beds for Kids

Loft beds, also known as high sleeper beds, are an incredible innovation, providing ample space for growing kids to play and study even in small rooms.

These beds have a desk or other functional space with a bed on top of it. The elevated design of the bed allows you to utilise the space underneath it. Despite the elevated structure, loft beds for kids offer comfort and space-saving at the same time.

MK Furnishings sells loft beds for kids in various designs and finished with sturdy material to match their rooms’ aesthetics.

Toddler Bunk Beds

While most people think bunk beds are for school-aged children and teenagers, our toddler bunk beds offer incredible comfort and safety to toddlers. MK Furnishings’ toddler kid’s beds for small rooms are made with high-quality material featuring sturdy handrails.

These beds are not as high as standard bunk beds; the itty-bitty design makes it easy for toddlers to climb up and down the top bunk, enjoying a cosy sleep in their beds.

Triple Bunk Beds

Triple bunk beds are the best choice when you want more than two beds but do not have enough space for quad bunk beds. Besides other designs, MK Furnishings also has triple bunk beds for sale to offer the most suitable solutions.

Our triple bunk beds for kids constitute durable and long-lasting material to ensure support and safety while offering maximum comfort. Find the most suitable triple bunk bed for your children from our various sizes, styles, and finishes.

Customised Beds

Besides the numerous bunk beds for sale at MK Furnishings, you can also get your children’s beds customised. We have been creating functional and durable cheap bunk beds in the UK tailored to our clients’ specific sizes, materials, colours, and styles. We also offer personalisation options, including storage areas and drawers.

Get in touch with MK Furnishings today to find the perfect kids’ beds for small rooms according to your needs today!

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