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Playhouse Bunk Bed

Young children often feel scared and experience separation anxiety when moving to a separate room. But themed beds can help ease this transition. These beds are attractive and come in multiple styles and designs to choose from.

Playhouse bunk bed is one of the most popular choices among children because of its simple yet cute design. While parents usually think funky beds are for girls, these beds are equally suitable for girl and boy rooms. You can conveniently place this bed in even small room. It takes only the space of a single bed but offers an interesting activity for the kids.

House Bunk Bed Dimensions

The playhouse bed for children is a standard-size single bed of 90cm x 190cm on top of a playhouse or castle-like space with a cut-out door and two windows. The area below the mid-sleeper with slide is designed to attract kids and provide a safe playing space. They can sit there with siblings and friends and play games; it is also suitable for keeping their toys. Playhouse beds are like loft beds with a proper structure outside under the bed instead of a wardrobe or desk.

The playhouse bunk bed stairs feature drawers like other bunk beds. The best part is that this bed has a slide on one side, making it even more fun for children. While the bottom bunk offers a playing space, the top bunk has a comfortable mattress perfect for cozy sleep. Children love these beds and rush to their room to play and sleep in the bed. You can keep toys and books in the area under the top bunk to make learning attractive for kids during playtime.

Playhouse bunk beds are suitable for one child in a room as they feature only one bunk bed. However, if you have two kids living in the same house, getting a standard bunk bed is better.

The dimensions of the playhouse bunk bed are:

• 280cm width
• 175cm height
• 100cm depth
• 150cm depth at slide side

The slide opens up to add more storage.

Playhouse Bunk Bed Customization

You can get the mid-sleeper with slides customized according to your child’s choice and room aesthetics. The drawers can be painted in colours of choice, along with a personalized guard rail design. Get an Xx rail or spindle rail, or opt for hearts, butterflies, stars, and moons, depending on your preference.

Choose whether you want stairs on the bed’s right or left side, considering the room’s architecture. Additionally, we can add a safety gate to the top bunk for extra safety for young children.

Our vinyl name cut-outs are also popular among parents and children as they add a personal touch to the children’s bed with a slide.

The playhouse bunk bed can be transformed into a double bed with a slide. The top bunk can accommodate a double bed, making it ideal for two kids without taking up much extra space. The playhouse design offers the same cute look as the single-bed variant.

Why Buy Playhouse Bunk Beds?

Buying a playhouse bunk bed is attractive and functional at the same time, making it popular among children and parents alike. Here’s when you should get a playhouse bunk bed instead of a standard bunk bed:

• This bunk bed offers a beautiful look to the bed in the same space as a single bed.
• These beds offer playing space for the kids to play with their friends and siblings.
• The slide on the side makes it even more interesting for the kids as they can slide down instead of coming down the stairs.
• You can store things in the drawers on the staircase, as they offer ample storage space.

Mid Sleeper with Slide Payment Details

Do not worry about advance payments when purchasing a house bunk bed from MK Furnishings. You can select from complete advance payment or a 10% deposit. If you only pay a deposit, you can hand over the rest of the amount at the time of delivery. However, remember that the deposit is non-refundable.

At the same time, our financing options make it incredibly easy for anyone to get a bed for their children. You can select Klarna, or Humm Ireland to purchase your furniture from MK Furnishings without making the entire payment upfront. They offer different plans and instalment options according to everyone’s needs. You can choose the one that suits you the best and buy the bed and mattress of your choice. However, each financing company has criteria you must meet to get the loan. Learn more about our financing options on our Payment Plans page.

Our children’s bed with a slide is quite easy to assemble, but if you need help, we’d love to assemble it for you. Choose the assembly option when ordering the bed, and our professional fitters will do it at your home. Doesn’t that sound relieving?

MK Furnishings offers white-glove delivery with assembly services throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

Contact us FREE on 0800 8611 437 for queries, information, and orders.

Happy shopping!

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