Four Sleeper Quad Bunk Beds

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Parents with multiple kids often tell us, “Four kids are a handful,” especially when you want to get a piece of furniture for their rooms. Each of them has a different choice and wants something unique. MK Furnishings understands your concerns but also realizes that children like independence, even regarding beds. For children who wish to have individual beds instead of double bunk beds, quad beds are a perfect choice.

Our quad bunk beds featuring 4 sleeper bunk beds (two at the bottom and two on top) are perfect for families with three or more kids. They are also suitable if you host frequent sleepovers. Quad bunk beds in the UK and Ireland come in more than one style, so you can choose what suits your needs and style the best.

Standard 4 Sleepers Bunk Beds

The standard quad bunk beds have two beds on the bottom and two on top adjacent. They are best for rooms with one wall big enough to set two single beds. These 4 sleepers bunk beds enable you to offer a comfortable sleeping experience to four kids in a space of two beds only. Besides being functional, bunk beds are also exciting for kids as they climb stairs to reach the top bunk.

The stairs have huge drawers that provide plentiful space to store books, toys, clothes, and anything else they want. They can also get vinyl cutouts to beautify the bed and make it more attractive. Furthermore, the railings in different designs and cutouts enhance the look.

L-shaped 4 Sleeper Bunk Beds

If you do not have enough space to set two adjacent bunk beds, the L-shaped quadruple bunk beds could be a better option. They come in an L-shaped design where one of the bunk beds is 90 degrees to the other, forming an L shape. So, the bottom bed is vertical to the top horizontal bunk. These beds cover two walls instead of one, eliminating the need for one wide wall to accommodate them. Thus, these beds are the best choice to keep four beds in a small room. Standard quad bunk beds require a wide wall, while these are easily adjustable if you have space available against two walls in the room.

Quad Bunk Beds Specifications

Whether you choose the side-by-side 4 sleeper bunk beds or L-shaped beds, they feature four beds of 90cm x 190cm. They come with a shared staircase with drawers to keep books, toys, and any other items. The bottom bunks also have three drawers for additional storage. You can get the drawers in your preferred colour. Attaching a slide will add a 40cm width to the bed.

The bunk beds also require single mattresses for each bunk, which you can get at MK Furnishings. We offer premium-quality mattresses to save you from the hassle of visiting another store for the right mattress. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from tight-top hybrid and memory foam mattresses. Selecting a suitable mattress for your kids’ beds ensures they enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Quad Bunk Beds UK Customization

When purchasing furniture from MK Furnishings, the best part is that you can customize the beds according to your needs and style. Get the drawers in a colour of your choice, or opt for a spindle, oval, or Xx rail. Moreover, depending on your children’s choices, you can select hearts, butterflies, moon, or star cutouts.

Decide whether you want the stairs on the right or left side or add extra accessories like a slide, long shelf, stair gate, or a safety rail for additional safety. We also offer vinyl name cutouts to make the quad bunk beds more attractive to children. The customization options are endless!

Quad Bunk Beds Vs Standard Bunk Beds

  • Quad bunk beds are perfect for four children, while standard bunk beds cater to two children at one time.
  • Quad beds allow you to place four beds in space for two to maximize space.
  • You can get L-shaped quad bunk beds if you do not have a wall wide enough for adjacent beds.
  • Quad bunk beds are cost-effective compared to buying four separate beds for children.
  • The beds allow you to encourage kids to sleep in their own beds. Kids love climbing up and down the stairs, making quad beds a suitable choice for four kids sharing one room.
  • They are also suitable for families hosting sleepovers frequently, enabling you to accommodate more kids within the limited space.

Quad Bunk Beds Payment

Payments at MK Furnishings are incredibly easy with a 10% deposit, or you can pay fully in advance. Furthermore, when buying 4 sleeper bunk beds, you can choose from multiple financing options. Our financing partners, including Klarna, Snap Finance, and Hmm Ireland, offer you different instalment plans and payback options. Select the one that suits your needs the best and buy your favourite quad bed today.

MK Furnishings offers white-glove delivery with assembly services throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

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