Children often do not want to sleep in a different bed or room when they’re habitual to sleeping with their parents. We understand the transition can be difficult. So, our designers at MK Furnishings have created attractive themed children’s beds to make independent sleeping interesting.

Our themed beds are a favourite among children and their parents for their unique, cute designs and functionality. The beds encourage children to sleep in their own beds by offering them everything they look forward to. Themed bunk beds at MK Furnishings come in numerous styles to cater to different choices. You can also get them customized according to your children’s choice.

Playhouse Bed with Stairs

Our playhouse bed with stairs is perfect for growing kids who like a space to play. It offers an area where they can play with their friends and siblings and looks like a playhouse. It features a door and two window cutouts, giving it a playhouse-like appearance. On the other hand, the upper bunk has a single bed where your little one can enjoy a sound sleep. You can also get the railing and the top bed cutouts customized according to your child’s liking; choose from options like butterflies, hearts, stars, and moons. Furthermore, add a slide and a stairgate for extra protection. Our beds are made with durable material to ensure safety and last long.

Playhouse Bed with Stairs and Slide

If you’re considering elevating the themed children’s bed for your kid, the playhouse bed with a slide is among our top-selling pieces. It brings you all the goodness of a playhouse bed and features a slide for extra fun. Children enjoy sleeping in their bunk bed at night and sliding down to play in the space under the top bunk. The slide comes with a safety railing to ensure safety. The stairs have storage space for toys, clothes, books, etc.

Castle Bunk Bed with Stairs

Castle and princess-themed bunk beds are the most popular among young girls who love living like princesses. These beds have two towering shelves that give the bed a castle-like appearance. Furthermore, these shelves have touch LED lights, making them even more stunning. The beds also feature bedside tables to provide more storage space and give a royal feel. The side tables have LED lights as well.

Castle bunk beds have one single bed on top and one double bed in the bottom bunk. They’re best for two or three children living in one room. The double bed is suitable for two children, while one can use the top bunk. But make sure that the top bunk is recommended for children above six so they can climb up and down the beds easily.

Castle Bed with Slide

A princess-themed bed is great, but a princess bunk bed with a slide is the best!

So, if you also want to surprise your little princess with a new bed, this one with the slide makes them smile even wider. The bed has high shelves and LEDs, like the castle bunk bed with stairs. You can also get cutouts and vinyl names on the bed for a more personalized touch to the themed bed. Children love to slide down their beds when they wake up. The railings provide added safety to the kids when they climb up the stairs or slide down.

Villa House Style Bed

This exquisitely designed villa house-style bed could be the dream bunk bed for children who love playing house. The bed features colourful cutouts to make the villa house look realistic and interesting.

You can get the colours customized according to your choice. Choose from combinations like grey and white, green and blue, or pink and purple; these beds are perfect for girls and boys, considering the wide range of colour options. Furthermore, the vinyl name cutouts add a name-plate feel to the villa-style beds.

These beds are a suitable option for children who love cute beds, but the room is not tall enough to accommodate a princess bed. Villa-style beds take the same space as a single bed, yet children love them. These beds come with stairs to climb the bed and storage space where the kids can keep their things.

Small Double Villa Bed

The small themed children’s bed in a villa-style cabin features a small double bed of 120x190cm. They are similar to villa house-style beds but slightly differ in style. The bed is elevated with storage and shelving below it. This themed bed features stairs on one side to climb to the bed. The staircase also offers extra storage, like all of our other beds.

These beds are also suitable for girls and boys alike if you find princess-themed beds not best suited to boys. The best part is that they are neither too tall nor too wide. So, you can easily place them anywhere in any room, even with minimal space.

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