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 This is our bunk bed double top and bottom stairs front. This bunk is two standard size double beds (140cm x 190cm) top and bottom. It also comes with four drawers in the stairs, and one drawer  for storage underneath the bunk bed double bottom.

The colour of the drawer fronts can be changed to suit your room in the options above.

You can also add a stairgate, slide, safety rail and long shelf to this bed which can be viewed in the accessories page.


200 cm width

175cm height

140cm depth

allow an extra 40 cm at the stair side

Slide will add on 40cm width (not included in price)

Double mattress (140cm x 190cm) not included

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Double bunk beds of all kinds for your home

There may be several types of beds that are commonly requested in this business, but some of the newer styles are also making huge waves in the uk. For example, now there is a trend for those who seem to like the bunk bed double bottom dimensions and those who enjoy the bunk beds double bottom as well. This is happening because people are seeing the excellent results they get from this type of purchase for their homes. These beds are very reliable in every possible way and they save both space and money.

Double and Single Bunk Bed

There are many models that people are considering now and the bunk bed double bottom are definitely turning into a favorite, not to mention the always reliable and important use of the double over double bunk beds. For those who want a larger bed, there is always the possibility of looking for the I shaped queen bunk beds that are more spacious, but still quite good for space management. The great thing is that people have a much larger selection of bed styles to choose from and we always have them available at MK Furnishings.

The adult boys and girls that are interested in an even bigger configuration can always look at our double over double bunk beds. We are always looking for ways to provide an outstanding offer to our customers and this is why we are constantly having double and single bunk bed. There are several ways to look into this and there is no question that the more options you have, the easier it is to get this done efficiently. You can browse around the catalogue for I shaped bunk bed dimensions and this is going to give you a pretty good idea of the things you can expect to see and get.

Bunk Bed Double Bottom

The bunk bed double bottom pull out be that we have in our catalogue are also going to be the kind of choice that is very common to see at all times. Then those who have see these amazing bed and need more of them together are going to look for the amazing I shaped quad bunk beds. There are also the bunk bed double bottom that have become incredibly popular. With that said, it is even more common to see I shaped single bunk beds available because they are what people usually need, but the number of requests for types of beds such as the double over double bunk beds for sale grows all the time.

This is the main reason why we have such a large selection of I shaped double and single bunk bed plans for people to choose from at all times. We know that some people are on a budget and they want to be able to ensure that they can get the best beds for the lowest prices. This is why we are the option you want when looking for bunk bed double bottom styles for your home.

Check out or double bunk bed with stairs to the side.

Double Bunk With Stairs

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