Space Savvy Solutions: Bunk Beds Tailored for Adult Living

Bunk beds for adults

Bunk beds have always been a favorite among children, but who said adults cannot have bunk beds?

These beds can be the perfect pick for small rooms to maximize space. Bunk beds are best for accommodating more people in a small room or increasing storage space. This article explains why bunk beds are better than standard beds and which are suitable bunk beds for adults in the UK.

What is a Bunk Bed?

A bunk bed is a bed with one bed on top of another. They come in various sizes, including twin and double beds. Besides the most common two-tier bunk bed, you can also buy tripe and quad bunk beds, depending on your needs. Furthermore, besides bunk beds for adults, they come in multiple designs for children of all ages.

Benefits of Bunk Beds for Adults


The most prominent benefit of bunk beds is their ability to save space without compromising comfort. Double, triple, and quad bunk beds allow you to accommodate up to four people in a smaller area. They eliminate the need for extra room for multiple single or double beds.


Bunk beds usually cost less than customizing standard beds to suit your needs. Families with multiple children find bunk beds easier on the pocket. Even adults prefer bunk beds when looking for a space- and money-saving solution.

Added Storage

Bunk beds come with additional storage space compared to the standard beds. For example, bunk beds for adults at MK Furnishings have storage under the bed where you can keep bedding, clothes, books, or anything else you want. Moreover, if you opt for a staircase instead of a ladder, you will have more space in the stair steps.


It’s no lie that bunk beds are interesting and fun. Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, climbing the bunk bed is always exciting. Plan sleepovers with your friends and enjoy sleeping in your bunk bed.

Best Bunk Beds for Adults

Two-tier Bunk Beds

Two-tier bunk beds in the UK are undoubtedly the best pick for a bed for two adults in one small room. They take the space of only one single bed but offer a comfortable sleeping experience to two people. Depending on your choice and needs, you can choose between a staircase or a ladder.

Triple Bunk Beds

Besides two-tier bunk beds, triple bunk beds are also suitable for congested spaces when finding a sleeping solution for three people. Triple beds have three beds on top of each other to offer comfortable sleeping. Our two-tier triple bunk bed variant is also suitable if your room has a low ceiling.

Quad Bunk Beds

Quad bunk beds are the best choice for four adults. They feature four beds with two bunk beds placed parallel or L-shaped next to each other. It is also a popular choice for families with frequent sleepovers to ensure each person gets a separate bed to sleep conveniently.

Double Bunk Beds

Double beds are the perfect pick if you have enough space for a double bed but want to get beds for four individuals. Double bed bunk beds for adults have two double beds on each other, increasing the total sleeping space, which is ideal for four people.

Single and Double Bunk Beds

Single and double bunk beds differ from traditional bunk beds for adults and feature a single or twin bed on top of a double bed. They are best for families with three adults living in one room. Two people can share the bottom bed, and one may sleep on the top.

Two-tier Triple Beds

Two-tier triple beds are perfect for rooms with low ceilings. These beds have two twin beds vertically placed under one horizontally aligned bed. It allows three people to sleep comfortably even if your room is not high enough for a three-tier bed.

Wooden Bunk Beds

Wooden beds are among the top bunk beds in the UK among adults for their durability and structure. You can paint these beds in colors of your choice. Furthermore, wood is generally considered more durable as it is rust-resistant.

Metal Bunk Beds

Metal bunk beds for adults are another popular choice as they are lightweight. These beds are the second favorite choice among buyers for their sleek designs and easy portability compared to wooden ones. You will also find them more commonly in hostels and dormitories. However, these beds are susceptible to rust and may get damaged sooner.

Loft Bunk Beds

If you’re looking for a bunk bed but also want to place a table in the room, a loft bunk bed with a table can be the best pick. These bunk beds for adults are high sleeper beds with a desk underneath. It is perfect for people who do not have enough space to place a table in their room.

Bunk Beds with Drawers

Besides a table under the top bunk, you can also get a bunk bed with drawers for additional storage in your room. These highsleeper beds have a bed on the top bunk with drawers or a wardrobe under it. It increases the overall space in the room without the need for extra furniture.

Final Words

Bunk beds for adults in the UK are excellent choices for beds to accommodate more people in less space. While two-tier bunk beds are the most common, you can also choose from loft, triple, quad, and double bed bunk beds for adults. Alternatively, two-tier triple beds or single and double beds accommodate three people and are perfect for rooms with low ceilings. Moreover, choose your material of choice between wood and metal bunk beds for adults. Select the best type of bed for yourself or your family and enjoy a comfortable sleep in a durable bed.

If you’re unsure, get in touch with our professionals at MK Furnishings to help you pick the most suitable bunk bed for your needs.

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