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10 Fun and Functional Add-Ons for Kids’ Bunk Beds: Slides, Storage Pockets, and More

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Bunk beds are an excellent piece of furniture, allowing you to provide separate beds for each kid without taking up too much room. Also, climbing up and down the bed adds an element of interest to the whole setting.

However, triple bunk beds may seem boring to kids in a congested space. They might think they have to compromise because of the area and can’t have fun. But that’s not true!

You can opt for multiple add-ons and accessories for kids’ double and triple bunk beds to make them more exciting and improve their functionality.

We’ve compiled some of the most popular functional accessories for 2 and 3 bed bunk that you and your kids will love!

Functional and Attractive Triple Bunk Bed Accessories


Slides are unquestionably the most widely requested addition for double and triple beds for kids. Kids love slides, and parents often surprise them with a slide so they can enjoy their new bed to the fullest. It is a fun accessory to consider if your kids are old enough and you have space on the other end of the bed.

Staircase Storage

Staircase storage is another popular demand among parents who want to make the best out of the bunk bed in limited space. MK Furnishings Ireland understands this important detail and offers drawers and stairs in all our furniture pieces.

The drawers in the staircase are spacious enough for each kid to store their toys, books, or anything else they want. You can also get vinyl cutouts to dedicate a drawer to each child.

Bunk Bed Tents

Who said kids sleeping in 3 bed bunks cannot enjoy tent nights?

Bunk bed tents are excellent for kids who love a cosy reading or movie night while munching their favourite snacks. These tents are well-suited to the size of bunk beds and make excellent sleeping spaces.

Ornamental Lights

Some kids love fairy lights, while others prefer a small LED in the ceiling to avoid darkness at night; you can do all that with bunk beds, too!

Ornamental lights can be added to triple beds for kids to suit their needs. Furthermore, you can add sensor lights to the stairs or ladder so children can climb them conveniently at night.


Sometimes parents mention that they are unsure about buying a double or triple bunk bed because their kids keep fighting each other and often want privacy, but that’s not possible when you have a bunk on top of each other’s bed, right?

You might not have thought of it, but curtains can be a perfect way to offer privacy to your kids despite sleeping in the same room. They can work like semi-doors and provide a signal for kids to let the other relax in their space when they pull out the curtains.

Furthermore, you can use folding screens or tension rods when arranging quad beds to allow kids to have their own space when needed.


You can add shelves at the end of the triple bunk bed for kids to display their accomplishments or keep their books. Depending on your kids ‘ ages and needs, shelves can be added to one or more bunks. They are perfect for storing books, frames, or displaying their medals and certificates.


If you do not want to add shelves yet and want to make the best use of the available space, attach a whiteboard!

It will provide a play spot for the kids to play with their siblings and learn new things. You can also ask the kids to suggest an alternative that would help maximize space utilization and keep them occupied.

Rock-Climbing Wall

Rock climbing walls have gained popularity among people, and parents add them to triple beds for kids to promote physical activity. You can talk to the bunk bed supplier to design a rock-climbing wall in your bed so kids can spend their time productively.

Storage Pockets

If you believe that the storage in the stairs and underneath the top bunk is not enough, you can get storage pockets to hang on the bunk bed. They come in various sizes, so you can pick the one that most suits your requirements.

Vinyl Cutouts

While we have talked about productive and functional add-ons, vinyl name cutouts add an aesthetic feel to the 3 bed bunk. They go with all kinds of room décor and kids love seeing their names on their bed.

Safety Add-ons for Triple Beds for Kids


A stairgate is an important safety add-on for younger kids if you think they might try climbing down the stairs when they cannot. However, we suggest only kids over six stay in the top bed.


Safety railings are a must, especially on the top bunk. Kids 2 and 3 bed bunks at MK Furnishings come with safety railings for added safety, but some manufacturers may not offer these. So, make sure to get safety railings for younger kids when ordering a double or triple bunk bed.

Themed Beds

Talking of add-ons, how could we not mention themed beds?

Themed beds at MK Furnishings Ireland come with many add-ons, and you can also customize them. Our playhouse, princess, and villa-themed beds have staircase drawers, slides, railings, shelves, and much more to cater to your kids’ needs. The playhouse beds come in numerous color themes to suit boys’ and girls’ choices.

Also, you can get vinyl cutouts personalized to your liking to add a majestic touch to the bed.

Final Words

Add-ons and accessories add to the fun of 3 bed bunk and improve functionality. You can choose from an array of add-ons for your kids’ beds, including slides, LED lights, storage pockets, and much more. However, when designing a personalized bed for your kids, ensure all the protective elements, as safety comes first.

Happy shopping!

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