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Designing a Shared Boys’ Room: Tips for Balancing Individuality and Unity

triple bunk beds for kids

A shared room can be an excellent opportunity for kids to bond with each other and foster healthy relationships. However, they sometimes feel they might lose their individuality when living in one room. Offering a specifically designed room for boys according to their needs and choices can encourage living together and sharing the space.

We’ve compiled design ideas and tips to balance individuality and unity in one room while maximizing the space.

Types of Beds for Boys’ Shared Rooms

Bunk Beds

If your boys do not like sharing a bed, the standard bunk bed with two bunks is the best option. A big bunk bed allows you to provide an individual sleeping space for each child and offers privacy. The beds come with a staircase or ladder to reach the top bunk.

The best part is that all bunk beds at MK Furnishings in Ireland and UK can be designed with double beds to accommodate older children as well.

Triple Bunk Beds for Kids

Triple bunk beds are the perfect bunk beds for 3 kids who love sleeping in their own space. The stacked 3-tier bunk beds have three beds on each other. These space-saving beds take the same area as a single bed but accommodate three people simultaneously.

Quad Bunk Beds

Quad bunk beds have four beds, best suited for families with four boys. They are also a favourite among families that host frequent sleepovers. These beds have a shared staircase to climb to the top bunk.

L-shaped Bunk Beds

You can get triple bunk beds for kids in L-shape, depending on your room’s size and dimensions. They are more suited to rooms with narrower walls, as you can place the bed next to two walls instead of one wide wall.

Loft Beds

If your children do not have a problem sleeping in the same bed, a loft bed is one of the most practical choices. You can opt for a double top bunk with a desk underneath to offer the kids study and play space.

Paint Options for Boys’ Rooms

Now that you know the kind of bed to choose for your children’s room, the question is, “What color should it be?” Some of the most suitable options are:

Shades of Blue

Blue has always been associated with males, and many boys like their rooms to be painted blue. You can choose from numerous shades of blue for triple bunk beds for kids to match their tastes.

Neutral Colors

Neutral shades are the most suitable paint option for boys who are not fond of blue. They also work best when opting for wooden furniture in natural shades or buying big bunk beds.

Use Contrasting Colors

Use contrasting colours according to their interests and preferences to offer a more personalized feel to each kid’s space. Make sure to create an overall theme and adjust the colours to look aesthetically appealing.

Shared Boys’ Room Wall Design Ideas

Besides the bed design, the overall décor and aesthetic of the room play an important role in your kids’ interest in sleeping there. Here are some wall décor ideas for boy’s rooms:

Rock-Climbing Wall

Usually, boys like to spend time playing sports, but sometimes, rooms do not have enough space. You can design a rock-climbing wall in the room with adequate safety measures so they can express their energy adequately.

Shared Gallery Wall

Alternatively, you can opt for a shared gallery wall where the kids can place their favourite posters, pictures, and souvenirs. If you think a shared wall might not be a good idea, divide the wall into personalized sections for each kid. It allows them to have a sense of individuality and expression of opinion when designing their sleeping area.


Shelves are excellent to increase storage space and improve the overall aesthetics of the room. Each kid can decorate their shelf according to their choice and preference, ensuring individuality while keeping the room’s overall décor in mind.

Storage Solutions for Triple Bunk Beds for Kids

While the beds usually come with storage space, you can increase the storage area by the following add-ons:

Loft Bed with Drawers

Loft beds with drawers offer extra storage space under the top bunk to store clothes, bedding, toys, and much more. You can get a big bunk bed on the top bunk for two kids to sleep in the same bed.


Besides getting a loft bed with drawers, triple bunk beds for kids can also have cabinets and wardrobes, depending on the needs. These cabinets may be constructed under the middle or along one end of the bed.

Hanging Organizers

Hanging organizers on one side of the bunk bed helps improve storage space massively. You can choose from various designs to store accessories, shoes, and anything else. The best part is that these organizers go perfect with the standard as well as L-shaped bunk beds.

How to Divide a Shared Boys’ Room?

Sharing a room is great, but sometimes kids want privacy. The following can help divide a shared room:

Folding Screens

Folding screens are one of the most effective and aesthetic means of dividing a shared boys’ room. You can easily move and adjust the screens to create temporary divisions. The versatile options allow you to choose screens that match your rooms’ decor.

Tension Rod Dividers

Installing tension rods between the beds also help create a partition. Hang curtains or fabric panels from the rod to give a decorative touch to the room.

Bookcase Dividers

Other than screens and tension rods, bookcase dividers are the best for kids who love reading and have a book collection. These multi-functional dividers act as a storage space and a functional divider for shared rooms.

Tips for Ensuring Harmony in Shared Bedrooms for Boys

  • Encourage communication between children and ask them to talk and resolve the issues or ask you for help.
  • Teach them respect for personal space, especially when the other person openly indicates or asks for privacy.
  • Make the kids take care of their things and keep at least their part of the room clean.
  • Monitor any rising conflicts among boys sharing one room and help resolve them.
  • Teach them compromise and adjustment to promote healthy relationships among siblings.
  • Offer incentives for good behaviour and celebrate cooperation.

Final Words

Sharing a room with siblings is not always preferred by most kids, but you can ease the situation by designing the shared boys’ room adequately. Make sure to choose double, quad, or triple bunk beds for kids, depending on their needs and preference; you can opt for a big bunk bed for older children. Furthermore, engage kids in designing the room and appreciate their suggestions. Incorporate their ideas with your theme to create a harmonious and aesthetic space for them.

Get in touch with MK Furnishings for any queries, seamless orders, and white-glove delivery across the UK and Ireland.

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