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A Parent’s Guide to Organization and Storage Solutions for Triple Bunk Bed Rooms

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Kids and teens sharing a room are common when either the family is big, or the rooms are sufficient. Organizing a room for two, three, or four kids to share is a challenge. Each kid in the room will at least need a bed, a cupboard, and a study table.

A triple bunk bed is best when you have three kids sharing a room. Why? The bed saves room space and gives it a decluttered appearance. In contrast, three separate beds can quickly fill the entire room, leaving no space for cupboards or other furniture. Now that we are clear about the triple bunk idea, let’s look at other organizations and storage ideas and determine which type of triple bunk with storage will work best.

8 Easy Organization and Storage Ideas for Triple Bunk Bed Rooms

1.     A Simple Triple Bunk

The easiest solution to save space is getting a 3-peat triple bunk bed with a single ladder on the foot side. The three-story bed will take a single bed space while accommodating three kids. This way, even if the room is small, you will have space for cupboards, study tables, and other storage furniture. Also, you can attach small baskets or storage pockets on the side of each bed as toy storage for the kids.

2.     Use Space under the Bed

When three kids share a room, an unsaid rule is that there is no such thing as too much storage space; the wisest suggestion is to utilize every possible inch for extra storage. The usually neglected space under the bed holds great potential to build a pull-out shelf or drawers. Beds at MK Furnishings come with storage under the bottom bunk; the children can store books, shoes, or toys in these drawers.

3.     Get a Triple Trundle Bed

If the room has a low ceiling for a 3-tier triple bunk, then a triple trundle bed should be your call. It will easily fit in a room with a low ceiling. Look for a triple bed with drawers (or get them customized) in the trundle for extra storage space. These drawers can hold toys, shoes, and school gear. The only hassle is to pull out the trundle every night before sleeping.

4.     Add Drawers within the Stairs

If the triple bunk bed with storage has a staircase on one side instead of a ladder, it can work as an excellent organization space. Make some small pull-out drawers within the stairs for additional storage. These small drawers can be a blessing in disguise when you run out of room to store toys and school gear.

5.     Get an L-shaped Triple Bunk Bed

If the room has enough space for an L-shaped triple bunk bed, then it is the best choice for you. An L-shaped triple bunk with storage looks stylish and elegant and offers ample room for storage. The chaise (longer side) is usually empty at the bottom in an L-shaped triple bunk. Use this abundant space for built-in cupboards for at least two kids. You can also install a wide wooden shelf and add three comfy chairs to create a study corner for the kids.

6.     Customize a Bookcase in the Triple Bunk Bed

Whether you get a 3-tier, an L-shaped, or a triple trundle bed, there is a chance that one (head/foot) side of the bed doesn’t touch the wall. If that’s really the case, that side is the perfect spot to build a bookcase. Install shelves for a built-in DIY bookcase on either the head or foot side of the triple bunk to fulfil the essential book storage needs of the kids.

7.     A Triple Bunk Bed with Built-in Cupboards

While looking for a triple bunk bed with storage, you will come across several designs with built-in cupboards. It is primarily a 3-tier bunk with large cupboards on the foot side or a triple bunk with two beds on the bottom and one on the top. The latter either have cupboards separating the bottom beds or on the foot side of the upper bed. These 2in1 bunks with cupboards are the best organization and storage solution for triple bunk bedrooms.

8.     Add Shelves or Cubicles above the Top Bed

Creating storage units while keeping the room organized is the most significant task, and an additional shelf won’t hurt, right? With a triple trundle bed, the wall near the top bed is empty, and there’s no way we are not using it for the good. Install a shelf or cubicles on the wall to store books and add decor plants for some texture. In the case of an L-shaped triple bunk bed with storage, you can use both the walls of the upper bunks to install shelves. Ensure the shelves are a little high from the top bunks so the kids don’t get hurt while sleeping.

Final Words

Finding the best organization and storage solutions for a triple bunk bedroom can be difficult but not impossible. With the seven simple yet amazing ideas above, parents can effortlessly keep their kids’ rooms organized at all times. Whether you choose a triple bunk with storage or a triple trundle bunk, consider the room size; it will help you make a better decision. Use additional storage to keep books, toys, clothing, and more.

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