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What To Look For When Buying Kids Bunk Beds In Ireland

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Bunk beds are perfect for families with multiple kids sharing one room. They offer a separate bed for each child without taking up a lot of space. That sounds, great, right?

However, choosing the right bespoke kids’ beds is important to ensure durability, comfort, and style. Let’s tell you what to consider when buying bunk beds.

The Complete Guide to Buying Quality Beds Ireland


Selecting the size is one of the most critical elements when buying bunk beds. The bed’s size depends on the room’s dimensions and whether you’re buying it for a kid or an adult. Some of the common bunk bed sizes include:

Standard Twin Bunk Bed: The standard bunk bed has one bed on top of another. It takes up the same space as a single bed.

Triple Decker Bunk Bed: These triple sleeper beds have three beds on each other, making them ideal for three kids; they are suitable for three kids sharing a room with a high ceiling. They take the same space as a single bed.

Double Bunk Bed: Double bunk beds comprise a double bed over another double bed. These beds are best for adults and teenagers, with a room enough to keep a double bed.

Double and Single Bunk Bed: Double and single quality beds Ireland have a single bed on top of a double bed. They take the same area as a double bed.

Two-tier Triple Sleeper Beds: These beds have one single bed horizontally on top of two single beds. Three kids can sleep in the bed, even in rooms with low ceilings.

Quad Bunk Beds: Quad bunk beds have four beds either adjacent to each other or L-shaped. They require a wide wall for adjacent placement or two walls for an L-shape.

Loft Beds: Loft beds feature a space under the top bunk where you can keep a desk or set up a play area for your kid. They allow you to keep two furniture pieces in the place for one.

Toddler Beds: Experts do not recommend kids under six to climb the top bunk in a standard bunk bed. So, toddler beds are specially designed for younger kids in a size that allows them to climb to their beds easily.

Themed Beds: Themed beds, like princess castle beds, feature a single and a double bed, but the castle towers are quite tall and require more area.


Besides the size of the room you want to place the bed in, considering the material is of utmost importance. Choose sturdy and long-lasting materials to ensure safety and avoid replacing the bed soon. Some of the best options are:

Wood: Wood is the most popular choice among people looking to buy beds for themselves or their kids. It provides durability and longevity to bespoke kids’ beds.

Metal: Some companies also make beds in metal for people who prefer metal over wood. They are usually less expensive than wood, but also less aesthetically pleasing and may not offer many customization options.


When buying quality beds in Ireland for young kids, they might not require a lot of space. However, growing kids usually require more storage to keep their toys, books, and other things safe.

Stair Drawers: Bunk beds may have stairs with drawers where kids can keep their important things safe.

Drawers under the Bed: Most beds come with drawers under the bottom bunk; you will have to ask the manufacturer if their beds have these drawers.

Loft drawers: You can also get a loft bed with drawers for one adult or child as they have the bunk bed on top of the wardrobe and drawers.

The best part is that bunk beds at MK Furnishings come with storage in drawers, under the bottom bunk, and loft beds as well!


Many first-time buyers often overlook this small detail, but height considerations make a huge difference in buying the right double or triple sleeper.

Bunk Bed Height: Always measure the room’s height when looking for a bunk bed. Ensure enough space between the ceiling and the bed for kids to sit comfortably.

Height Between Beds: Like the distance between the top bunk and the ceiling, there must be enough space between the top and bottom bunks.

Stairs Vs. Ladder

Stairs: Stairs are suitable for all ages, especially younger kids, as they offer better safety because of the safety railing and size. Moreover, MK Furnishings’s bunk beds have additional storage space in the staircase.

Ladder: A ladder looks more delicate and sophisticated and is popular among older children. Also, it takes less space than a staircase.


When buying bespoke kids’ beds, opt for places that allow customization so the bed meets your functional and aesthetic requirements. The personalization options may vary from seller to seller.

At MK Furnishings, you can get the following added or customized besides any other custom needs:

  • Drawers’ colour
  • Slide
  • Stairgate
  • Railing
  • Vinyl cutouts
  • Others


Choosing the best mattress is critical to a sound and comfortable sleep in your sturdy, gorgeous, high-quality bed in Ireland. Memory foam mattresses are considered the most comfortable, along with hybrid-top mattresses; pick the one you like better in the height of your choice.


While it does not directly impact the bed you buy, you will thank us for mentioning this important factor. Bunk beds require assembly on delivery, and no one can do that better than a professional.

So, look for services that offer white glove delivery, like MK Furnishings. We offer on-delivery assembly by professional fitters to save the hassle.

Payment Options

Convenient payment options are always a plus when buying bunk beds for kids and adults. Buy from sellers that take a small deposit or allow you to pay later.

Buy bunk beds on finance

Expert Tips for Buying Bespoke Kids’ Beds

Size: The size must be chosen according to the available space and needs. Select the L-shaped bunk beds if you think they fit the room better.

Material: Good-quality wood is a better choice when buying beds for kids as it offers sturdiness and improves the visual appeal.

Storage: While you can choose from different options, it’s best to go with the maximum storage.

Safety: Buy quality beds in Ireland with railing on stairs for additional support and safety.

Height: Ensure a safe distance between both bunks and from the ceiling for comfort and convenience; high triple sleeper beds are not recommended for rooms with low ceilings.

Stairs vs. Ladder: Ladders are best for older children, or choose stairs if you have young kids or like extra storage.

Delivery: Choose sellers that offer white-glove delivery so you do not have to assemble the bed yourself.

We hope this guide helped you understand the nitty-gritty of buying kid’s bunk beds in Ireland. Contact us FREE on 0800 8611 437 for queries, information, and orders.

Happy Shopping!

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