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Triple bunk beds in Dublin

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While children usually don’t mind sharing a bed, their needs and moods change as they grow. Thus, they ask for their own bed where they can sleep comfortably.

However, placing multiple beds in one room is not always feasible because of space issues. If you’re looking for a way to offer separate sleeping space to each kid, triple beds are ideal.

Triple bunks are the perfect choice when accommodating three children in one room with insufficient space. They enable you to offer an individual sleeping space for your kids without taking up a lot of space.

The best part is that adults can also get triple bunk beds to maximize space when there is little room. These beds come with large bunks to suit your needs and comfort.

Before we tell you the best places to buy 3 sleepers in Ireland, it’s important to know the types of triple bunk beds to choose the right one.

Types of Triple Bunks

Triple Decker Bunker

If you think of three beds stacked on each other when hearing “triple bunk bed,” that’s the triple-decker bunker!

This is the most basic version of triple bunks featuring three single or double beds on top of each other. Initially, these beds were the most common. But they are not the safest because of their height, especially for young kids. When buying these triple bunk beds in Dublin, ensure the room is high enough. Alternatively, you can opt for other triple beds suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

Single Double Beds

These beds are not exactly triple beds because they have two beds, but three kids can sleep on them conveniently. Single and double beds have a single bed on top of a double bed; two children can share the lower bunk with another sleeping on the top.

They are suitable when you have two boys or two girls who enjoy each other’s company and do not mind sharing the bed. However, single and double beds may not be best for teenage kids who want separate beds.

Two-Tier Triple Beds

Two-tier wooden triple beds are the best pick when looking for a 3 bed bunk in Kildare for a room with a low ceiling. These beds feature one single bed horizontally on top of two vertical single beds. They take up only as much space as a double bed yet offer separate sleeping space to three individuals.

You can place them in rooms with a low ceiling as well, without worrying about your kids’ safety, as they are not as tall as triple-decker beds.

Buying Triple Bunk Beds in Dublin

Some of the most popular bunk bed suppliers in Ireland are:

Mattress Mick’s

Mattress Mick’s offers Triple bunks in Dublin in different designs, including the triple-decker bunker. The beds are solid pine and MDF, ideal for those who like wooden furniture. They come with two cute staircases – one for the middle and the other for the top bunk. However, Mattress Mick’s beds do not offer ample storage space. is another famous triple bunk bed seller in Ireland, known for its metal-frame bunk beds. They specialize in two-tier 3-bed bunks in Kildare to provide sleeping space for three people.

The beds feature a single bed on the top bunk and a double bed on the bottom. They are suitable for families that do not prefer wooden furniture and look for metal options. However, you might not find many customization options in metal frames besides colour choices from black, silver, and white.

MK Furnishings

MK Furnishings is among the most trusted names for buying triple bunks in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Our durable quality and unique designs make us popular among adults and children.

We offer a vast range of single and double bunk beds and two-tier triple beds. Made with premium pine, these beds offer durability and safety.

Each 3 sleeper Ireland comes with a staircase and a safety railing for added protection. The staircase has drawers with plentiful storage for kids to keep their toys, books, clothes, or anything else they like. You can choose the side to attach the staircase according to the room’s dimensions.

Our two-tier triple beds are a favourite among parents as they offer a separate sleeping space to each kid without needing a high room. They also have drawers in the bottom bunk for additional storage besides the staircase drawers.

Plus, you can customize the beds’ functionality and aesthetics according to your preference.

When buying from MK Furnishings, you can pay upfront, make a 10% deposit, or finance your triple bunk beds in Dublin and other parts of Ireland through our financing partners.

We provide seamless delivery throughout Ireland and offer assembly by professional fitters for your convenience.

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