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Bunk Beds In Ireland

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Bunk beds are the best pick if you’re looking for a compact solution for multiple kids in one room. They take the space of one bed but offer individual sleeping space for up to four kids, depending on the type. You can pick from various bunk bed variants and designs according to your needs and preferences.

The best part is that kids love bunk beds!

They love having their own bed and enjoy climbing up and down the top bunk. Moreover, adults can also get double bunk beds for congested rooms to maximise space utilisation.

Bunk Beds Ireland

The standard bunk bed typically comprises two single kids’ beds stacked on each other with stairs to climb the bed. Bunk beds at MK Furnishings are made of mood that ensures safety and durability. The stairs in the storage bunk bed cork offer space to keep books, toys, clothes, etc. Depending on your requirements, you can get bunk beds in single and double-bed variants for children and adults.

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Triple Bunks with Draws

Besides the standard two-bed bunks with draws, you can also get the triple bed variant, best for three kids sharing one room. Triple bunk beds have one single bed horizontally on top of two vertical single beds. They take the same space as a double bed but with an additional bed on top.

Triple bunks also feature stairs with drawers for storing important things. Moreover, our triple beds have drawers under the bottom bunks for added storage.

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Quad Bunk Beds

If you’re looking for a way to accommodate four kids in one room, quad bunk beds in Ireland are perfect!

Quad bunk beds have four kids’ beds, either L-shaped or adjacent to each other. Adjacent quad bunks are suitable for a wide wall, whereas L-shaped quad bunks help you accommodate four kids in a smaller room; they are placed at a 90-degree angle. The beds have a shared staircase to help kids climb the top bunk.

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Double and Single Bunk Beds

Double and single bunk beds are favourites among storage beds in Dublin because of their functionality.

The storage bunk bed cork features a single bed on top of a double bed with storage space on the stairs and under the bottom bunk. Two kids can sleep in the lower bunk, and one can take the upper bunk. Parents with two kids of different ages also prefer the double and single beds, as the bottom bunk is best for teenage kids who prefer bigger beds.

If you wonder finding two sizes of mattresses would be extra hassle, you can get them at MK Furnishings; we offer multiple options to choose from.

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Kids Beds

Besides standard-size bunk beds, we have special toddler beds for kids under six. We do not recommend children under six climb the standard bunk bed. Thus, these bunk beds in Ireland are best for younger kids. Kids’ beds take away the worry of younger kids safely reaching the top bunk. They are shorter than bunk beds for growing children, making it easier for them to climb independently.

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Themed Beds

Besides our bunks with draws, themed beds are best-sellers – who doesn’t like a pretty bed after all?

MK Furnishings offers a wide range of themed beds for girls and boys, including playhouse, castle, and villa-themed beds. These bunk beds in Ireland have ample storage space and attractive designs to encourage kids to sleep in their own beds.

The playhouse bed has one single bed on the top bunk with space underneath, whereas the princess castle beds feature a single bed on top of a castle-shaped double bed. Similarly, the villa-themed beds give a house-like appearance to the beds to make them more interesting. Also, you can get the decorative elements personalised to your kid’s liking.

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Loft Beds

Loft beds are a popular choice among children and adults who do not have enough room for a table. These beds have a single bunk on top with space under it where you can keep a desk or set up a play area for your kids. The storage bunk bed cork is ideal for small rooms with space enough for a single bed only.

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Beds with Desk and Wardrobe

How could we miss beds with desks and wardrobes when mentioning storage beds in Dublin?

These beds resemble loft beds but have pre-fitted beds and wardrobes for added storage. Plus, you can get drawers instead of a desk to get even more space to keep clothes and valuables. They also have stairs with drawers!

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Customised Beds

When buying bunk beds in Ireland from MK Furnishings, you do not have to worry if the bed matches your aesthetics and makes your kids happy – because WE DO THAT!

We offer extensive customisation options for all adult and kid beds, from the drawers’ colour to customised railings and vinyl cutouts. You can choose from oval, hearts, butterflies, moons, and stars railings. Moreover, you can also attach a slide to the beds for kids who love sliding down the top bunk.

Personalise the beds to match the room décor and meet your children’s needs.

Payments and Delivery

MK Furnishings aims to make comfortable and durable beds accessible to everyone. So, you can pay for the bed upfront or make a 10% deposit, with the remaining on delivery. At the same time, you can finance bunk beds in Ireland via MK Furnishings’s finance partners without worrying about the upfront payment. Select your favorite bed and pick a financing partner that fits your needs to buy storage beds in Dublin and other cities.

We offer white-glove delivery throughout Ireland and the UK to ensure a seamless experience. Our fitters assemble the beds for you at your home, so you do not have to worry about putting them together.

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