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Transforming Bedtime into Adventure Time: Themed Bunk Beds for Kids

triple bunk beds

Whenever parents bring their young kids to buy triple bunk beds, the excitement on their faces when they see themed beds is unmatched!

MK Furnishings Ireland offers a wide range of really cool bunk beds for children in different designs and sizes to meet their needs and choices.

Themed bunk beds are the perfect pick for children who do not like simple beds and want something attractive and interesting. So, let’s explore all the fun and interactive themed bed designs for kids.

Attractive Themed Bunk Bed Designs

Princess Castle Bunk Bed

Castle-themed bunk beds are among the most popular in families with three young girls. While they are not designed like the standard triple bunk beds, princess castle beds are perfect for three children.

These beds comprise one single bed on the top bunk and a double bed vertically attached to the lower bunk. Each princess-themed bed at MK Furnishings has two towering shelves on each side to make it look like a castle. Furthermore, the shelves have LEDs for a more attractive appearance.

Also, each bed comes with stairs to climb to the top bunk. The steps in the staircase have ample space to store books, bedding, clothes, toys, etc. Depending on your preference and need, you can also add a slide or stairgate to the bed. Furthermore, the bed railing can be customised to your liking.

Villa Bed

While the princess castle beds interest girls, the villa bed at MK Furnishings is a favourite among boys. These beds have a minimalist look and plenty of space for your kids to play and sleep. Many parents mention that these are among their top bunk beds for 4-year-olds.

You can get the villa bed design in the size you choose, and parents of children of all ages prefer this because of its sophisticated yet interactive style. It is one of the best toddler bunk beds, especially for small rooms. This bed accommodates a small double mattress of 120×190cm.

You can attach a stairgate to the bed and choose the side of the stairs according to the room dimensions.

Character Themed Beds

Whether your kid likes Spiderman, Ben10, Hello Kitty, or any other character, character-themed triple bunk beds never go out of trend. Children always look for their favourite cartoons and superheroes-themed beds.

You can customise the beds to your kids’ favourite superhero or cartoon character to ensure they love sleeping in their new bed. You might also get every child’s preferred characters on the piece of furniture to make everyone happy.

Rainbow Themed Triple Bunk Beds

If your kids are of similar age and in their growing years, rainbow-themed beds have always been among cool bunk beds for small rooms. They cater to children of all ages and match the room’s aesthetics as well. You do not have to worry about putting together multiple elements, as the rainbow colours work well together.

When ordering your kids’ bunk bed from MK Furnishings, you can get the drawers in mixed colours to give it a colourful/ rainbow look. The spacious drawers and attachable slide make our beds highly liked among children. Moreover, our beds offer incredible safety and durability and ensure they last long.

Playhouse Bunk Bed

Playhouse bunk beds are among really cool bunk beds among young kids and children of growing age. These beds act as high-sleeper beds with playing spaces for the kids.

Each bed has a single high-sleeper bed with space underneath. The bottom area is designed as a playing space for children with windows and a door cutout. The playhouse bunk bed at MK Furnishings also comes with a staircase on one side. The stairs have space to store toys, clothes, books, or anything else you want.

The playhouse bunk beds are suitable for one or two kids to sleep in the upper bunk. You can also attach a slide to the bed for a more fun morning routine. The simple design makes it popular among girls and boys alike.

Safety Requirements for Themed Beds

Though themed triple bunk beds are perfect for keeping your kids entertained and encourage them to sleep in their own rooms, you must consider the necessary safety requirements:

  • Children below six must not sleep in the top bunk.
  • The top bunk should have a stairgate for young children.
  • Always ensure that the railing is adequate to protect your kids.
  • Opt for a staircase instead of a ladder for young children.
  • Ensure that the total weight on each bunk does not surpass the given limit.
  • Consider the height of your room when getting a themed bed, such as a princess-castle-themed bed.
  • Get toddler bunk beds for 4-year-olds instead of regular-sized bunk beds.
  • Teach your kids not to use the slide, to come down from the top bunk only and not climb up.

MK Furnishings offers a wide range of themed beds for children of all ages; pick your favorite and enjoy seamless white-glove delivery nationwide.

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