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Themes and Ideas for Decorating a Triple Bunk Bed

unique bunk bed ideas

No one, whether kids or teens, really likes a bland bed. Dull beds make the room uninteresting and no fun, especially when there are 3 beds in one room. Decorating your bed according to your taste makes it cosier. Thus, decoration creates a feeling of belongingness and owning a place. So, why not decorate your kids’ triple bunk beds and make them their favourite space in the house?

There are infinite ways for parents to decorate their kids’ bunk beds. Let’s tell you our favourite themes and unique bunk bed ideas for decorating a triple bunk bed.

3 Ideal Themes for Decorating 3 Beds in One Room

1.     A Jungle Themed Triple Bunk Bed

Incorporate a jungle theme in every corner of the kids’ room. Get a wood-brown solid-wood triple bunk and paint the footboards and headboards dark or forest green. If you are good with paints, draw a few dark brown/black lines on the brown bed walls to give them a tree branch texture or get a professional to do so. Also, attach some artificial vines to ladders/stairs and the outer sides of the beds.

Moreover, you can add some small or medium-sized animal plush toys, like lions and tigers. Match other furniture in the room with the triple bunk jungle theme, decorate it accordingly, and you’ll love the final results.

2.     A Beach Themed Triple Bunk Bed

Create a beach-themed triple bunk for your kids’ bedroom with white triple bunk beds. Get a solid wood triple bunk, dresser, and other furniture. Paint the walls off-white with ocean-blue doors, light blue curtains, or wooden window blinds to add to the room’s beachy vibe.

In addition, lay a large jute center-floor rug to add some texture to the wooden flooring. At last, get some water-inspired plushies and toys on the triple bunk and shelves. For instance, Nemo (the movie character), a turtle, or a starfish plushie. You can imagine how much cosy and relaxing this bedroom theme will feel.

3.     A Cartoon/Superhero Themed Triple Bunk Bed

These days, kids have their favourite fictional characters or superheroes. They love them to the extent that they want to save the world like the superheroes in the movies. So, turning their bedroom and bunk into their very own super world is the best you can do for them. Decorate and paint the room furniture that matches your kids’ favourite fictional characters.

Customize each kid’s bed based on their preferred superhero. Paint the bed accordingly and spread bedding with prints of the same character. Also, get them their superhero toys and plushies to put on the shelves and their bed.

6 Unique Bunk Bed Ideas for Decorating a Triple Bunk Bed

Install Decor Lamps

Install decorative small lamps near each bed to help kids read at night. You can also add some fairy lights on the borders/sides of the beds. These dim lights can effortlessly make the 3 beds in one room cosier.

Small Wooden Baskets

Attach a petite wooden basket on the outer side of each bed. These small baskets can serve several purposes, such as keeping books, toys, and much more. You can also keep action figures in it to decorate it.

Decorate the Bed Wall

The wall near the beds is significant when decorating a double or triple bunk bed. There are many ways to decorate white triple bunk beds’ walls, and a few of them include:

Install Shelves: Install a small shelf on the wall near the foot side of each bed. You can install a full-length shelf above the top bed instead of a small shelf. Decorate these shelves with toys, small indoor plant pots, and more. Adding a handy calendar, a small alarm clock, and a reusable to-do board are some excellent functional decors.

Hang Photo Frames: Hang some modern decor frames with motivational text on the wall to start the day fresh. Alternatively, get their favourite childhood pictures or cute artwork framed to add a personal touch and love to the lifeless walls.

Dream Catcher: Dream catchers are used both as decor and to catch negative energy to keep nightmares away from people in the room. At the same time, dream catchers serve as very elegant and beautiful wall-hanging decor.

Vinyl Cutouts: You can stick name initials of each kid on the wall near their bed as decor. If you plan on decorating the wall in another way, you can also stick them to the bed stairs.

Add a Slide to the Bed

No kid can ever say ‘No’ to a slide. Even when they become teens, they will still love a slide in their white triple bunk beds. You can paint the slide with the shade that goes well with the room theme and add some vines or fairy lights based on that.

More and More Plushies

Throwing some plushies is the best way to decorate 3 beds in one room. The plushies can instantly turn a triple bunk into the cosiest space for kids and teens. They will love to sleep with their favourite toy plushie.

A Built-in Bookcase

Customizing a bookcase into one side of the triple bunk bed is one of the best unique bunk bed ideas for storage and decoration. You can use it to store books and some decorations simultaneously.

Ready to Decorate Your Kids’ Triple Bunk Bed?

Decorating 3 beds in one room requires a lot more creativity than decorating one bed, and even more when they are bunks. Limited space is the biggest hurdle in decorating triple bunk beds. No matter the color and size of a triple bunk, whether solid wood or white, the above unique bunk bed ideas have you covered. Use a theme, install some lamps and shelves, get some plushies and photo frames, and decorate the kids’ triple bunk to be their favourite spot to spend lazy hours.

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