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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Bunk Bed for Your Kids’ Shared Bedroom

triple bunk beds

Convincing your kids to share a bedroom can be tough when they want separate sleeping spaces, but triple bunk beds can be your saviour!

Triple bunk beds allow you to accommodate three kids in one room without compromising their comfort and choice. Three separate bunks in children’s triple bunk beds allow kids to decorate their beds to their liking and enjoy a sound sleep.

So, how to choose the right bunk bed for your kids’ shared bedroom? Let’s dive into the details!

Important Factors when Selecting the Perfect Triple Bunk Beds for Your Kids’ Shared Bedroom


Considering the age of your kids is among the most critical factors when buying a bunk bed. Standard-size bunk beds are not suggested for kids under six. Instead, you must get a toddler bunk bed for younger kids.

At the same time, older children usually like double beds instead of twin beds. So, you must ensure the comfort and safety of the children according to their age when buying a bunk bed.

Also, ask the manufacturer about the weight limit on each bunk to avoid putting too much weight.


Besides the size of the bed, the material is another important consideration in buying a triple bunk bed. You can usually find bunk beds in wood and metal.

Wood: Most people prefer wood in triple beds for children because of their durability and design options. Wooden beds offer more customisation than metal options.

Metal: Metal is a comparatively lightweight option than wooden bunk beds. However, it is not as durable as wood and offers less customization. At the same time, metal beds are typically less expensive than wooden ones.

Ladder/ Staircase

As bunk beds have more than one level, each has a ladder or staircase. You can choose one depending on your kids’ needs and preferences.

Stairs: Stairs are suitable for all ages, especially younger kids, as they offer better safety because of the safety railing. Also, MK Furnishings Ireland offers additional storage space in the staircase.

Ladder: A ladder looks more delicate and sophisticated and is popular among older children. Also, it takes less space than a staircase.

Storage Needs

Different bunk bed designs have specific storage spaces depending on the children’s and parents’ needs. Bunk beds at MK Furnishings offer multiple storage spaces, including storage on stairs and under the bottom bunk. Common storage options include:

Staircase drawers: When choosing children’s triple bunk beds with a staircase, check if they have drawers on the stairs, as they can be excellent additional storage. However, you may not have this option when opting for a ladder.

Under-bed drawers: Besides the staircase, most bunk beds have under-bed storage spaces to keep clothes, toys, books, blankets, etc.

Shelves: Some beds come with pre-made shelves, which you can add to other variants. They are perfect for keeping their toys, books, or anything else they like.

Drawers under Loft Beds: A loft bed with drawers and a wardrobe for added storage is another popular option. Furthermore, you can also add a desk to place a computer, laptop, or toys.

Safety Requirements for Children’s Triple Bunk Beds

Children of different ages require specific safety arrangements to ensure protection while enjoying sound sleep. Some of the most important safety elements include:

Stair gate: A stairgate is a must for sleepwalking young kids.

Ladder specifications: Ladder steps should be at least 3cm wide and 20cm apart

Guardrails: The railing must be at least a minimum of five inches above the top of the mattress.

Height: Ensure that your room is high enough for the bed you buy.

Placement: Place the bed away from sockets, fans, lights, and any other potential hazard.

Toddler beds: Avoid children under six in the top bunk and buy toddler beds for young kids.

Trundle Beds

You can also opt for bunk beds with pull-out beds if you host frequent sleepovers. These beds come with one mattress under the bottom bunk that you can pull out per need. The mattress stays hidden under the bunk the rest of the time, saving space without disturbing the room’s aesthetics.

Themed Beds

Themed beds are another preferred choice among triple bunk beds for kids. You can get these for three children in one place. For example, the princess-themed beds at MK Furnishings come with one single bed and one double bed, making them an excellent choice for three kids.


The best part about buying children’s triple bunk beds and bunk beds with pull-out beds from MK Furnishings is that you can customize them to your liking. Get the railings of your kids’ choice and paint them according to the room’s décor. Moreover, you can get vinyl cutouts to give a personalized touch to the beds. Furthermore, there are multiple bunk bed add-ons to choose from.

Benefits of Bunk Beds for Kids’ Bedroom

Space Maximization

Bunk beds for children are perfect if you have one room for all kids. It is undoubtedly the most space-saving solution for two or more kids in one room. 2 and 3-tier bunk beds take the space of a single bed while accommodating two or more kids at once. At the same time, trundle beds allow you to provide sleeping space for one more.


These beds also come with storage spaces, making them multi-functional. The drawers on the stairs and under the bed are best for storing bedding, clothes, toys, and anything else you like. You can also get shelves and storage pockets to increase the space for books and other items.

Encouraging Sibling Bonding

Sharing the bedroom allows kids to trust and rely on each other in different matters. Whether they play, learn together, or share their secrets, these bunk beds can be the beginning of a healthy foundation.

Even Better Sleepovers

Sleepovers are even better with bunk beds when their friends and cousins come over to stay. They can sleep in separate bunks or use bunk beds with pull-out beds to sleep after enjoying fun times.

Separation Capability

Now, beds come with separable bunks, so you can use them later as loft beds. You can also add a desk underneath to meet kids’ needs as they grow.

Contact MK Furnishings Ireland to discuss the bunk beds most suited for your kids’ shared bedroom to offer them a comfortable sleeping experience.

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