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Maximizing Small Spaces: Innovative Triple Bunk Bed Ideas and Designs

three-tier bunk beds

Triple beds are perfect for three kids or adults living in one room. Unlike in the past, bunk beds are now available in numerous styles and designs; choose your favourite from three-tier bunk beds, bunk beds with a pull-out bed, loft beds, and many others.

In addition to the available options, you can also have the beds designed and customized according to your needs. However, you must know the possibilities and limitations when buying a triple bed.

Thus, we have brought triple bunk bed ideas and designs to help you get the best one that suits your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Creative Triple Bunk Bed Ideas for Small Room

3 tier Bunk Beds

While the 3-tier bunk beds are the most basic, they are also the most space-efficient. They comprise three (single or double) beds stacked on each other. As they take up the space of one bed only, they are undoubtedly the most space-saving choice among all triple beds.

However, these beds are best only for rooms with high ceilings. Thus, if you have rooms with low ceilings, you must look for another option.

2-tier Triple Bunk Bed

A 2-tier triple bunk bed is not as space-saving as a 3-tier bed, yet it’s better for rooms with low ceilings. The bed comprises a single bed horizontally over two vertically placed beds. It takes almost the same area as a double bed, allowing three people to share the space conveniently.

These triple bunk beds at MK Furnishings in Ireland have storage in the staircase and under the lower bunks for added space.

Bunk Beds with a Pull Out Bed

Depending on the age and comfort of the people sleeping in the room, bunk beds with a pull-out bed, also known as Trundle beds, might be the best choice among narrow bunk beds.

These beds have two beds on top of each other and another bed/ mattress under the lower bunk. The mattress stays hidden under the bottom bunk and you can pull it out when sleeping. It is a suitable choice for families that host frequent sleepovers.

Single & Double Bunk Beds

If you have not considered a single bed over a double bed to maximize space, it’s your call to do so!

Single and double bunk beds are among the most convenient choices for accommodating three people in one room. Two can share the bottom bunk, with one sleeping on the bed on top.

The best part is that the stairs in these beds also have drawers along with extra storage area under the bottom bunk.

L-shaped Bunk Beds

L-shaped bunk beds are another popular choice among bunk bed ideas for small rooms. They come in multiple variants, including those with the lower bunks at a 90° angle exactly below the end of the top bunk. At the same time, you might also see some with vertical beds in the middle under the top bunk. Moreover, there are options to choose from a single or double bed.

You can also increase the space-maximizing abilities of the L-shaped bunk bed by attaching a pull-out bed to it or adding a cabinet under the middle bunk.

Wooden Triple Bunk Bed with Drawers

Wooden 3-tier bunk beds with drawers have three bunk beds arranged in a way that two of them are on top of each other, while the middle bunk extends slightly towards the other end.

It provides additional space under the middle bunk where you can add a cabinet, drawers, or shelves, to keep important things. You can also get shelves added to either side of the wooden frame to increase the space.

L-shaped Beds with Desk

Narrow bunk beds with two beds in an L-shaped arrangement on the top bunk are perfect for young kids. This design has another bed under one of the top beds and a desk on the other side.

L-shaped beds with desks are suitable for children asking for a desk or working area but do not have enough space.

Loft Beds

Besides L-shaped beds with desks, loft or high sleeper beds are another favourite among bunk bed ideas for small rooms. These beds have a bed on top and space underneath. You can utilize this space to keep a desk or make a play area for your kids. At the same time, you may replace the desk or add a wardrobe next to it.

Though loft beds usually have a two-tier design, you can get 3-tier bunk beds with the same features if you have high rooms.

Playhouse Themed Beds

Kids love themed beds, and playhouse-themed beds allow you to offer an area to play without taking up too much space. The playhouse-themed narrow bunk beds almost take up the same space as a single bed placed next to the wall. The kids get an area under the bunk to study or play with their friends and siblings. You can add a mattress to the playhouse area to accommodate more kids during sleepovers.

How to Maximize a Small Space When Buying a Triple Bed?

When buying a triple bed, consider a few essential elements to utilize your space best. Here are some of the most important factors:

  • Get a three-tier bed if you have a high ceiling.
  • Opt for a trundle bed for rooms with low ceilings, with only space for a single bed.
  • Look for suppliers that offer drawers within the stairs and under the bunks.
  • Choose an L-shaped design if you do not have a high ceiling or a wide wall.
  • Create storage space under the middle bunk if possible.

So, are you ready to maximize your room space with these functional triple bunk bed ideas for small rooms? Pick your favourite!

MK Furnishings offers white-glove delivery for triple beds with assembly services throughout the UK and Ireland. Check the delivery details on our Delivery Information page.

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